8 gedachten over “How Much Bitcoin Does Max Keiser Own?”

  1. Max keiser is either satoshi himself or he knows him personally

  2. Lol, the third biggest question in the cryptoverse! So true! He gave Alex Jones 10.000 Btc once, and the dumm head lost them!!!

  3. When you take someone with that level of passion for Bitcoin at $46 and crank that price to $30,000, you can see how that person would begin to view Bitcoin as an actual deity and find signs of art and creation in the ledger itself

  4. Max was very instrumental for me back in 2018 when I entered crypto. I stumbled upon one of his videos and he "woke" me up on this asset and I never looked back!!! I poured my ENTIRE herintence + ALL of my cash (I still have a job and a nice credit line) in BTC, ETH … Well over 100K , making me a millionaire for a while this year hahaha. I since downgraded to high hundred thousands… Still from around 125k Investment.. All in BTC 4 Life.. Gonzo or Busto for me!! But , but but MR Stu.. didn't your read about Alex jones and the 10 000 BTC laptop he lost ???? That laptop was a gift from Max!! How could MAX only have 22 000 btc and give 10k away!!! It does not add up unless you bought some AFTER that clip and gifted it to Alex??? … Great content nonetheless… I love Max!! and I'm starting to love you too Stu!!.. You will get 1k subs soon!!

  5. I'd say that millionaire doesn't mean 1million, a millionaire can have 200 million. Also how do you know he didn't mean he owns a million of bitcoins? I believe he had the ability to buy that much of BTC back then. Also I think if he owned "only" 20k of btc, he would reveal it, but he probably own much more so he doesn't have to fear of being kidnapped and doesn't need security. I reckon he has about 250k-1000k btc. On one interview he was asked how many btc he has and he said with a smile "there are many zeros".

  6. Hey, how do you know he does not mean he finally accumulated 1,000,000 BTC? 😉

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