How Many Internet Computer ICP to be a Millionaire

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Over the past month there has been a lot of content on YouTube and Twitter about ICP, but almost no one is telling the truth. So I decided to open everyone’s eyes. Will ICP be able to continue its growth trend? Will we see a complete revival of the project and the entire ecosystem? And finally, how much does ICP need to reach 1 million at the peak price? Let’s find out now!

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – My honest opinion on ICP
02:31 – My terrible prediction
04:59 – My realistic prediction
06:39 – My bullish prediction

30 gedachten over “How Many Internet Computer ICP to be a Millionaire”

  1. 1000 icp to be a millionaire??? When 50 million use ecosystems 600 icp when 120 plus use icp ????

  2. dec. 2023, went ALLLLL in for ICP…lets see what all i bought is worth worth in approx. 1.5-2.5years🥶😎
    my loves are:
    1. BTC
    2. ICP
    3. XRP

  3. FTX exchange and Sam Bankman Fried screwed with the price of ICP by setting the price of ICP sky high and dumping ICP price. Market manipulation and fraud that's why SBF is in Jail. Buy ICP smile and laugh at SBF later!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😊😊

  4. Man why you using a ai voice over, and a mask? good video on icp, im a maxi 🙂

  5. Seen the mask, hit the like button. Good video and keep on it, ICP for the win…

  6. I think 10 x – 15 x, realistically for icp, 60 x not likely but who knows, stranger things have happened 🤔

  7. ICP is the standout Internet Computer. Thank you Mr Mask Man. ICP will grow massively in 2024.

  8. Well done video. I like the tune at the end also. You just got yourself a new subscriber

  9. ICP costs wayyyyyy less and is way more secure than any cloud provider. It’s like 200* cheaper per gigabyte out. Basically something that costs $500 in traffic on ICP would cost over $100,000 on Amazon. It’s also as hack proof as possible.

    It’s like buying ethereum at $10. People don’t understand it yet

    ICP runs unstoppable and unhackable low level code in a web browser at a much cheaper price than trillion dollar corporations. It’s bigger than crypto…

  10. Video starts off bullish about ICP then proceeds to talk about a 9x gain in this bull run lol. More like 50x imo

  11. Do you think ICP can get back to its all-time-high performance?

  12. ICP is good but if you want in on their main unknown competitor HOLO HOT been at it for years Same concept and under a penny

  13. WTF… the mask is just creepy.. the hand gestures don't even cover the voice over… double creepy

  14. 6 billion marketcap it has.
    It can make max. 300 billion marketcap
    Dont dream much .
    It mean $500 per icp
    This is max posibble price it can reach ..
    I think it will go around 350$

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