How Many AGI Tokens Do You Need? | SingularityNet Goals | Cheeky Crypto

In this SingularityNet video we take a look at how many AGI tokens you need to achieve your goals. This is an important subject because it helps guide you into the level of investment that is required to achieve your goal. For SingularityNet AGI, you need to know what your goal is, when you would like your goal to be complete and what future valuation AGI might have in that time frame. With these variable you will be able to work out what quantity of AGI is required to achieve you SingularityNet goals.

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10 gedachten over “How Many AGI Tokens Do You Need? | SingularityNet Goals | Cheeky Crypto”

  1. I have been looking this crypto even before the ICO !
    PD: I bougth most of my tokens at 0.01$ 😀

  2. 25 dollars doesn't cut it at all its gonna be way higher than this

  3. Me personally I would recommend everyone to invest in crypto, diversify of course. All banks around the world are printing non-stop, especially here in America where 35% of ALL circulating dollars were printed in 2020 alone. Do not hoard the dollar, buy physical things, pay off debt and throw everything into crypto. You'll be thankful in a few years once the whole crypto market is worth trillions.

  4. I've got 25k, and I'm staking all of them, and getting roughly 25 AGI every 30days

  5. Double that number now because Goertzelstein is set to rip everyone off after blowing most of the ICO money and accomplishing a whole lot of nothing.

  6. There will be 2 billion tokens
    Which means double less profit
    They are gonna make additional 1 billion AGI-ADA

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