30 gedachten over “HOW BITCOIN WORKS 💸”

  1. Hi dednahype im a big fan of you and love your channel

  2. Pal K namas sabe perder si… no es un juego es un ASSET.

  3. Let him cook let him wait and let him drive his lambo some day haha

  4. I think crypto was invented by bankers as another way to rob people who don’t have access to infinite money like they do.

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  6. Bitcoin started at less than a cent. Now at $35,000. Who is laughing at who?

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  8. All you people who say that's the Fiat system or the shitcoins but not bitcoin are fucking idiots. The sooner you realise the better your future will be, all crypto is programed and designed to put you at a loss. Wake up.

  9. The funny thing is people don’t need to like BTC they will own it one day.

    It’s past the adoption curve point of return now and is growing quicker than the internet.

    People are like it’s a scam while more and more people swap worthless fiat for BTC mathematical hard money that has never existed before.

    The hardest money ever invented.

    People forget cash is invented.

    And naturally people will convert to the hardest form of money which is BTC.

    Will just take time to engulf the world which can’t be stopped

  10. Nice this video has 31 million views. The naive comments here, all crypto like the stock market is a scam. Everyone soon to be absolutely wrecked and destroyed after this bull cycle because the elites just withdraw our investments after it goes parabolic.

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