How Bitcoin Cash is Taking Over the Caribbean (Free Talk Live)

How is it that Bitcoin Cash, of call Cryptocurrencies, is taking over the Caribbean including Saint Maarten?

🍿 Today’s Video:

If you haven’t heard, the crypto #bitcoincash is being used throughout the Caribbean islands.

But how did this happen? I recently went on the popular radio show, Free Talk Live, to discuss the history of BCH in the Caribbean.

How did it start? Why Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin? What’s coming next? This video includes the full interview!

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My name’s Marc. I make videos about cryptocurrency and things that interest me in my life. Thanks for joining along.

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  1. Bitcoin Cash is down 95.2% in USD terms since it's all time high in December 2017.

    It's down 68% in Bitcoin terms in 12 months.

    It's dying.

  2. Bch = #1 cryptoCurrency! Those other tokens/ crypto'Assets' are missing the point.
    BitcoinCash 🎯

  3. are you sur Bitcoin wallet register are open source ?
    i love it but not sure….

  4. I will never listen to Free Talk Live the same again. Why are there two fat guys sleeping in the studio?

  5. This is the kind of production that make Waynes World look professional 😅

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