Here’s What I THINK About Safemoon in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR! This video is providing you with information on what I think and what I believe! Do your own research.

Recap on the coffeezilla exposing safemoon video.


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  1. i dig the idea of wind-turbines and all that – that is ace. But with SFM – dont dig all the cryptic messages dropped on twitter etc. Thats where i think in one place Saitama rules. with the transparency. – that is the way to go. SFM seems very veiled and cryptic at times, & shrouded in mystery – i mean heck there was even some connection to ufo ranch in some respects, was there not, . ha. But anyway i wouldnt write it off at same time. Somethin tells me – ultimately is gonna rocket-launch all the same at some point in time. huh roll on the day

  2. Thanks for this video. I’m sure a lot of people think like this, but don’t dare to say what is on their mind. If Safemoon continue like this, the project will be dead soon. Safemoon management will not be impacted as the people that believed and invested in this project. Of course, people are responsible for their own actions but if their would be true leadership we won’t be in this situation. Keep up the reality you are bringing

  3. This shitcoin was just a pump and dump you had to leave early like smart ppl.
    Y’all got scammed and that’s all 😅

  4. Too many unanswered questions, no accountability and no products to speak of. If SFMN turns into anything, I will be amazed.

  5. Been in the crypto verse for 8 years now. Safemoon is a complete joke. It's not a good first impresion to crypto to get involved in this mess. I warned allot of guy's about it early on and they're all DEEP in the red now hahaha. The internet is FULL of proof (do your own research) that the developers sold allot of safemoon making the price plummet while they claimed they didn't held any safemoon on their site. The proof is litteraly on the blockchain all the transactions from their wallet dumping on the market. Do a little research and leave this allready sinking ship…

  6. The safemoon team all millionaires and they're investors losing millions of dollars all while they put cupcakes on the table distracting you from the truth.

    If the safemoon team is so called "working hard" how come there are no products out? Just a wallet in 1 year? That's it? Only one app! But don't forget how poorly launched it was when they delayed it.

    No Ama's, mediocre wallet, dying community, unprofessional dev team, unprofessional leader, bleeding chart, all major celebs out of safemoon. Do people really think this is what makes a crypto community strong? All these points and the holders are still living in a fantasy land. I've sold all my safemoon. Farewell "Safe"moon

  7. I do believe in the project, the team and the vision, and no John doesn't have to come out and keep us in the loop on all the accusations made against him. BUT, if he does come out, it shouldn't be with stupid memes and riddles. John incredibly smart but he is immature and that shows more as time goes on. Maturity is not a prerequisite for success, but it's going to be a very long dark road for us holders if John continues to think this is all about him.

  8. 🚀Challenge coin🚀 not out yettt Military token ran by actual veterans 🚀🚀 not out yettt

  9. I'm Sooooooo glad I left safemoon when they started to talk about V2. I knew it would go left and it did. You let hype consumed you and now you are at a massive loss lol.

  10. Tokenomics! You have been robbed. Only by safemoon! Bonfire have almost the same liquidity as Safemoon! Safemoon market cap $12m , Bonfire market cap 6m!

  11. You speak your mind who give a crap what others think i'm glad you're speaking the truth on safemoon they need to stop there bs and come out and address the bs going on cause i for one am sick of every coin being a rug pull so many people scamming others and getting away with it.

  12. One of my concerns with The Gambia, didn’t a new president get voted in? Could that have killed the possible partnership with The Gambia and SAFEMOON?

  13. when they said reverse split I was out and I'm glad I did. I don't think there are any answers. people saying wait wait. are deluding themselves they scammed

  14. The problem is A HUGE SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING everything they do SFM is under the microscope back off let them work they dont need to tell all the social media idiots something every day an thats how it looks like at the moment as if they dont tell someone something the following week people start yelling scam.
    ADA took 7 years to make a wallet……
    this is only SFM first year they have done more then most every will
    let the card come out
    let the exchange come out
    an Take a break from the social media noise

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