Hedera HBAR vs Internet Computer ICP – Best Altcoin to buy 2024 Bull Run (REVIEW) #hbar #icpcrypto

Hedera Hashgragh HBAR is a Layer 1 and if you compare Internet Computer ICP to each other you might agree both are great Altcoins to buy now, however, Hedera HBAR has the best risk reward. How high can HBAR go in 2023? Is ICP Crypto a good investment? Watch to get the HBAR news you need a long with Internet computers Crypto news too. Is HBAR a 10x crypto to buy now? HBAR is a ISO20022 Compliant token and has a indirect partnership with FED NOW. Hedera HBAR is a great Banking token to buy now. What is the Best Layer1? Watch. Crypto Bellwether is Not for Financial Advice. #hederapriceprediction #hbar #icpcrypto #layer1 #altcoinstobuynow #cryptobellwether #cryptonewstoday
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  1. Icp has the highest number of devs next to polkadot and Ethereum. I dont know what youre talking about. I hold HBAR btw.

  2. Don't ever compare Icp with Hbar. The coin is Wall Street money Maker dumping on Retail, get a life man, or do more homework.

  3. Great job, great analysis, thank you)

    p.s Can I hear your opinion on the NEAR Protocol? I'm really interested in this, thanks in advance

  4. I'd liked to know everything about ICP before investing. Show me the minutes please. As a layer 2 to scale there has to be compromise, usually sercurity. Not sure if I would build on something like that long term. Would love to be convinced otherwise

  5. Icp completely destroys hbar. ICP is the only block chain that is fully decentralize and not on Google or Amazon. So all the other chains are not decentralize and can be shut down Google and amazon have full control of everything on those block chains. All the other block chains have very little on chain. Everything is on Amazon in Google. ICP is fully on chain. You need to do more research. Do not look at the price was manipulated by FTX. With a spot launched 4 days before the token was launched and FTX did not have ICP on spot. At all, they try to destroy it to protect Solana.

  6. ICP does not have smart contracts they have canisters. BTC was the first integration for payments, ETH Integrated smart contracts, ICP Integrated canisters to changing the internet to decentralize.

  7. The inflation rate so far for ICP is only 4%. In the future, it will be deinflation Just like ETH. The dumping is from the early investors that their neurons are unblocking and the community. And other people are buying it up the dump it should end Near April 2024. That is when all the early investors nodes are unlocked. Once you do your research down this rapid whole. You will see the value and don't worry about the price right now. Because in the future, you will regret not getting this price. When everybody is fearful and blood is in the street. it's when you're supposed to be buying.

  8. Founder never left LOL. And it wasn't rug pull. You should do better job at researching this.

  9. ICP got the best technology. Its so complicated that only a few understands

  10. lol, you said ICP tech was 'off the chain'… it's tech is 'onchain'…token unlocks are coming from 2017 seed round investors 10th of each month, this will end, I don't have time right now to explain more about hbar vs ICP I have both, I'll comment to you later.

  11. Are we have a dead cat bounce in your opinionat the moment. You still expecting possible lower prices?

  12. What are your thoughts on $TRB. It has a supply of 2.54 million, 2.49 million is in circulation. Tokenomics seem solid.

  13. ICP just waiting to start mooooning)) I think we need to add to this coin NEAR

  14. Hei!
    I didn't see any content about $NEAR here?!
    Have you notice about NEAR Blockchain operating system?

  15. This is a convincing video to buy ICP which is groundbreaking tech ahead of its time, but that's a good thing, HBAR has a long ways to catchup, Investors surrounding ICP will not let it die in some kind of black swan event, to much money backing it, too much of an ever evolving tech future. I've seen videos on tech that didn't make it include electric cars, that's apples & oranges when it comes to internet/blockchain/AI/Quantum tech, we are in a different era so quickly. ‘The powers that be’ have been trying to end BTC and crypto for years. You remember when small Bill Gates negotiated the Operating system with IBM? or a little startup called Apple?… so much for the powers that be' By the time HBAR (great tech) gets around to developing anything like ICP, ICP will have the huge 1st mover advantage. Ethereum is the 'chosen one' only because it was 1st mover groundbreaking tech, Vitalk knew this. When the CKETH integration happens there will be massive implications for both, it will enable smart contracts on the IC to call into ETH without private keys, this is going to have groundbreaking implications and use cases and add massive value to both, making ICP the #1 L2 blockchain. In the long run ETH has tremendous gas fees and storage data cost issues, it may not solve for years if ever, but crypto will need ICP, the new WEB 3 internet. ICP will make many L1 and L2 cryptos obsolete in the future. ICP is not a competitor to ETH, Vitalik & Williams have been in collaboration for years from the early days of ETH but that's a different story. I have HBAR for the reasons you say, so what year do you think HBAR will catch up to ICP tech?

  16. I know you are big into hbar and do put out some great content on that coin. But I think you missed a lot of point when covering icp. Overall great video and it was cool seeing another persons view on both chains.

  17. ICP – started out at $300…. dropped now to $3.61 – that is the biggest red flag …

  18. This one of my favourite channel!!! Love you. One point to clarify this, the only way to make earning in crypto is by trading it not hold it. Because the market is very profitable and exceptional. Investing in BITCOIN should be the wisest thing to do and earn short term or long-term

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