HBTC Live Episode 198 – Learning The Ropes

Join us Monday 4/3 at 9:30 PM EST for Episode 198 of HBTC Live! We will talk with someone relatively new to the cigar hobby while we try to learn from each other, and much more! Please like-share-subscribe, and join in with your questions along the way. Thanks for watching! #HBTCigar #HowBoutThatCigar #Cigars #PremiumCigars #CigarPodcast #CigarShow #HBTCLive #PremiumTobacco #CigarLife #CigarCulture #BOTL #SOTL #ISmokeCigars #SemperIncendium #BurnCigarsNotBridges

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  1. Matt & Garrett…you son of a bitches. I have been smoking cigars since Aug of 2011, and have been reviewing cigars for Blind Man's Puff since 2016. I listen to your show every week usually while I'm driving during work (delivery driver). I'll be honest this topic did not interest me, but I decided to listen anyway….why not right? I am glad I did.

    I have ALWAYS put descriptions of my ash while reviewing a stick and based some of that on the construction and if it was poor or favorable, and here you buttholes have to make me think about my reviewing technique now. That being said I did learn a few things from this episode, (Google keep 😱🤯) and I'm glad I stuck around.
    Keep up the great work guys cause I'll be listening.

    PS… I dig the new camera.

    Pps….my Notable Smokeable this week was the new Dissident Home 2023.

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