Halloween Special: Mummies

Every year we try to do a Halloween Special. This year we are doing a special on Egyptian mummies. How mummies were made, and why mummies were important for the Egyptian afterlife.

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9 gedachten over “Halloween Special: Mummies”

  1. Natron is a salt, so… basically mummies are pickles?! 😂

    Super interesting. While I was watching I had an idea for a series you could do, maybe as shorts – you could share some of your favorite photos and tell a "behind the scenes" story or just discuss the content of the image.

  2. I can't imagine the sheer volume of natron that went into this… Do we have any clues as to how it was discarded? Just chucked into the toilet I mean Nile?

  3. The relationship between the shape and form of the body and soul in ancient Egyptian beliefs seems a tiny bit similar to the relationship between the shape and form of the body and shadow in the later parts of One Piece’s Thriller Bark arc.

  4. What do you think about “Maria”, the supposed three fingered mummy with the oddly shaped head? I have a Mormon coworker that told me it was evidence of a different sentient life form in the ancient past.

  5. Fun fact: mummification was invented in Peru long before Egypt started — and the latter's civilization started long before the former

  6. I love your enthusiasm in the beginning! Made that pumpkin look alive 🙂

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