GTX 1060 Hashrate 2021 | Ethereum, Ravencoin & Conflux!

laatste update: 06-2022

gtx 1060 6gb

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30 gedachten over “GTX 1060 Hashrate 2021 | Ethereum, Ravencoin & Conflux!”

  1. Of course, 1060 is the god of mining, now we can see him on the top of time for ROI. Long live ETH mining, ageless ETH mining, ultra miners in forever . For rich, new villa and cars and more wife. Cheer ETH mining. Yeah !

  2. Y'all out here looking at the price of bitcoin, you should channel your energy into learning to trade and Invest in it so. before it's too late. BITCOIN ✈️🌑

  3. So what's the conversion on eth performance for a 6gb 1060 to the covered coins? Like… If I get 25MH/s on 101W for ETH…

  4. I got offered from a guy a pc: Gtx 1060 6gb, i5-8400, 500w psu… : 270 dollars for the pc. I just got into mining as a beginner with my gtx 1080 pc. I plan on taking the gpu, putting in a gtx 960 2gb i already have and sell the pc for 270 dollars. This way I have successfully traded my 960 for a 1060. Is it gonna work out? Anybody that can help me in my plan? My electricity is free. Ty

  5. The difference between memory manufacturers should be kept in consideration. I have two Asus Dual 1060 6 gb. One has Micron memory, the other Hynix. With the first one i get around 23/24 MH/s, on the second i only manage to reach 21.5 MH/s. Also the overclock settings are different for both.

  6. How do you clear the memory in it. I've been trying to use it to mine but for some reason 600 MB of the 3 GB is being used somewhere and I can't figure out where it's being used or how to stop it. I've googled it but I guess I'm asking the wrong question because I cannot find a solution

  7. Hi, great video!
    where abouts is the refurb video for the 1060? I can't seem to find it. I can only get 19.2MH out of my Gigabyte Gaming Oc 6gb so want to see if I can improve this. Thanks!

  8. I just set mine up this morning, and it only runs @ 15,6 mh/s. It is the 6GB version, and from what i could find, even the 3GB version should do around 23 mh/s… I live in Norway, and use the european server at Ethermine… Anyone got any ideas on why i dont get better hashrates?

  9. oh nevermind.. youre still talking as an intro and im typing both of these… wow… 2:12 before you actually get to the point.. youre headed to pewdiepie levels for sure

  10. Really want some older cards for a alt coin rig!!!! Son of a tech please help lol!!! No fr tho if ya see this app lease tell me what cards I could get cheap that would be great for this alt coin rig!

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