GREAT RESULTS: StoneCo (STNE Stock) Warren Buffett & Cathie Wood own this cheap fintech!

Up 40% today and down 85% from its recent highs, is it time to buy to buy STNE stock? In this video, I summarize their business operations, recent financial struggles and huge upside potential if management executes! Should we join in with Berkshire Hathaway and Ark Fintech ETF (ARK) and buy StoneCo (STNE stock)?

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  2. I got in early and still down but getting close to green after a beauty of a day like today.

  3. Which company are you referring to that has a 5% dividend, 11x earnings and a potential multi bagger? Share please.

  4. Can you do a video on LendingClub? Profitable company with one of the cheapest valuation I've seen in the fintech space. It's currently traded at 12x estimated 2022 earnings and 7x estimated 2023 earnings.

  5. Come on Danial, tell us what is the company you mentioned. You can't let us in uncertainty!

  6. You don't often see such hyper growth at this valuation, I'll put this stock on my research list. Should've done that after your last video on $STNE. If you like 50% annual growth at 1x p/s you should check out some cannabis companies like $VFF or $HITI, which are also growing exceptionally well at very cheap valuations. Cheers and keep doing them songs at the start 🙂

  7. Please stick to stock analysis, singing intro's are kinda anoying! Ahhhahahhahah

  8. APPS (Digital Turbine) is a 100-200% growth company trading at 4x PS ratio and is cash positive. So might be worth checking out!

  9. Anyone any speculations on what the consumer staples company might be?

  10. Hi Daniel. I demand you deliver your forthcoming analysis via doo woop/ Please ! and thank you. excellent work.

  11. trust me the drop from almost 100$ to 7$ was a terrible feeling, like waking up getting kicked in the nuts every morning. my wife is from brazil and kept telling me not to sell because its a good company. well see im holding for now. average is 35$

  12. Daniel, thanks for your honest, well articulated assessment. I’m a bit underwater but encouraged by the results released yesterday and management’s honest disclosure and guidance. I plan to improve my position by adding opportunistically to my holdings.

  13. I was lucky to sell near the highs after buying in 2020. Now I’m looking to get back in with some leap calls in any down day

  14. I've been buying a small position in StoneCo these last weeks. I discovered it thanks to your previous video on the company. Thanks a lot for your thorough analysis!

  15. SFT ? Competes with carvana and Carmax. Growing like crazy. Just reported 167% yoy. Raised guidance to $1.1 bill. Stock was at $1.70, just ran little to $2.63. Still low IMO. Huge short interest at 30%. Decent float. Would love to hear opinions on why this is so low. Thanks.

  16. entertaining and informative, Daniel is part of a rare hybrid species

  17. I have 50 stocks in my portfolio called 10X in 10 years and Stone Co is one of them.

  18. Man im from Brazil and i do not invest on intermediates of credit payments, this is a dying business, too much companies like big banks do this services for free just to convert into bank clients. And here we have Cielo its leader on MS and much bigger than stone and have lead on techpayment, Cielo is too cheap just because its listed on Brazil Stock Market. And after that we have Pix payment that is change complete the way of small business and daily transistions is made. Credit cards each day is less using here. So i think this company will be less profitble for now on.

  19. Stoneco earning is expected to come out in a couple of days, u should do a video about it and give us your thoughts man. I love your analysis

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