Grayscale Decision & Bitcoin | ITK with Cathie Wood

On episode 47 of “In the Know,” (September 1, 2023) ARK CEO/CIO, Cathie Wood is joined by ARK COO Tom Staudt, and ARK Crypto Lead Yassine Elmandjra. Tom weighs in on Grayscale’s legal win against the SEC, and Yassine provides an update on Bitcoin generally, and ARK’s latest and upcoming Bitcoin content. After that, Cathie weighs in on the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium.

As always, she discusses fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation. We hope you find this monthly series useful, especially during periods of heightened volatility. Stay Healthy. Stay Innovative.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:48 Cathie Wood Intro
00:02:12 Tom Staudt on Grayscale vs. the SEC
00:05:44 Yassine Elmandjra on Bitcoin and ARK’s latest Bitcoin content
00:10:36 Cathie Returns for In The Know
00:11:38 Fiscal Policy
00:15:01 Monetary Policy
00:21:52 Economic Indicators
00:33:23 Market Signals
00:41:10 Innovation

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30 gedachten over “Grayscale Decision & Bitcoin | ITK with Cathie Wood”

  1. What are these people talking about?
    They have made 200G in a year.
    On what???

  2. You work for 40yrs to have $1m in your retirement, Meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a meme coin for just few months and now they are multimillionaires.I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life🌈🌈

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  15. Yeah, retail inventories were down also due to shrinkage. Notice how she cherry picks all the bits that support her view, ignores the rest.

  16. Arks Bitcoin ETF will never be approved before Blackrock's.

  17. 26:00

    Is she or ARK saying that GDP should never be revised, its measurements should be static forever??  
    This seems to be against ARK's own innovation mentality… why should it never be revised; specially at a timeframe like this decade and next where the rate of tech change seems to be exponential??
    Maybe there are reasons for some metrics to never change in ECONOMICS but I haven't found ANY that remain the same of 50-100-200 years ago… so ARK what gives??

  18. 34:00

    Look— the ONLY reason I haven't installed solar panels for EVERYTHING I need, is two main reasons, one is that there are no good reliable companies that one can fully trust, plus even if I take the risk with one, I have no idea if it will be there ten years later for maintenance AT A REASONABLE price with technicians that know whet the hell they are doing, and the second reason is I count tell you, and no "lay" person can tell you which solar panels are best, one YouTube channel says one thing and another says the complete opposite, so there is no way for me to know TRULY AND TRUSTILY KNOW which panels are best… other wise I would have install panels by now.

  19. 37:00

    So they are seeing their dollar reserves, but to buy what exactly?? If it isn't the dollar then what is there to buy instead, we may not like it but there is nothing else, specially with 5% gains… everyone was talking about the BRICS conference in South Africa implementing something , but nothing came out of it, all they agreed was to accept more members in the future, but even then they didn't have a process of it or which ones to accept… I don't LIKE the dollar being devalued or all that money printing but what else is there as stable or strong as the dollar… maybe bitcoin but BTC is for stopping the bleeding not a useful tool as of now, even in El Salvador they have both.

  20. Good to hear the wages are improving. Average workers keep money flowing through the economy. Off shore accounts just hide money away never to be seen by the economy again. Question, how does removing people from the workplace improve the economy? Robots consume nothing but electricity. They buy nothing. Curious that a country so reliant on the consumers is cutting off the $ to consumers. We are in strange times!

  21. I always wondered how libertarians plan to pay to pave the roads and manage all of the common infrastructure the “economy” runs on and everyone takes for granted. Taxes are just the name for crowd funding the things we all use.

  22. We all know that saber-rattling is a euphemism for a dick measuring contest, and since everyone dealing with fiscal policy has a small PP, we are left highly unsatisfied.

  23. There is no consumer push to EV. It's a top down push of EVs on the consumer.

  24. This ark has run aground. Fed must provide income to cogs, cogs keep the machine turning but provide no added value, fed is fighting itself.

  25. Bitcoin and regulation have been hot topics recently, and this transcript shares some insights and updates on the subject. The SEC lost its court case against grayscale, leading to excitement in the Bitcoin market. However, the SEC has the option to appeal the decision. The transcript also mentions the potential need for a regulated spot ETF product to give US investors access to crypto. The conversation then shifts to Bitcoin research, including the convergence of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence. The transcript also touches on fiscal policy, monetary policy, economic indicators, and market indicators. It concludes with a discussion on how Innovation, such as AI and robotics, can help address challenges in various sectors. The transcript encourages listeners to explore the potential of Bitcoin and AI convergence and emphasizes the importance of staying updated on the changing financial landscape.

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