Gladys Final Solution | ft Max Keiser

laatste update: 05-2022

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30 gedachten over “Gladys Final Solution | ft Max Keiser”

  1. The Quandt family acquired Entrust which is administering the CV passport system in Europe. That family is a direct descendant of the Nazi party member Joseph Goebbels. What influence then drives our state premiers and federal politicians to submit to this Communist agenda?

  2. The only reason governments are getting away with this is because MSM is still highly trusted here by the sleeping masses who unfortunately take MSM to be truthful and to top it off while the general population wasn't paying attention both federal and state governments have been changing legislation behind our backs which virtually gives police both federal and state unprecedented police state like powers all under the guise of the war on terror its going to take a while before there is a majority who wake up if at all

  3. Our Australian Government has gone mentally sick
    Really they don't realise that they have destroyed the confidence and well being of the Australian People.
    They are simply ignorant and dumb.
    The population of Australia is only 26 million and they don't know how to deal with such a low population
    Australians are naturally separated without the lockdowns and 1.5 metre distancing .
    The police have absolutely nothing to do so they arresting and harassing and bullying their own citizens
    how discriminating

  4. How the hell are they getting away with this. Ww2 was not fought for this! How dare these communist dictators even try this on allied soil! Dam them all

  5. The lockdowns are over the top in Australia, ridiculous. I’ve seen the quarantine camps in Queensland, reminds me about what the Gestapo did to the Jews in WW2. Glad i left Australia when i did. The police behaviour towards citizens is also misuse of police power. I never thought i would see what’s happening now in Australia. Where are people’s human rights? You can’t keep people in lockdown forever. The Corona virus is not going anywhere in a hurry. What does the Fed and State Govt’s want to do? Lock people up for the next 10 years? Australia is getting very bad press everywhere overseas regarding what’s going down there.

  6. They are criminals nothing more they need to be hung by the neck until dead by the People's court there will be blood in the streets everywhere shortly

  7. Camel Nose you will reap what u sew and the People will have the last laugh as you will be Charged With War Crimes and you know what that gets you You Traitor

  8. She is not a doctor, she cannot tell anyone what to do or take. This is a free country and everyone has their own doctor. Let the law suits begin.

  9. You are not aware but she is in a lot of trouble with some guy she was sleeping with yrs ago and the Independent Commission Against Corruption want her arse but she is also in bed with Phizer and Astra Zenica

  10. Gladys and others like Chant… Hazzard… Hunt, will go down in history as Treasonous sellouts to Global Corporations. We the people should assert that as with any "BAD LAW" it will be as if it was never to have taken place. Invalid …..voided

  11. This repulsive Gladys Berajiklian is a corrupt, lying murderous piece of dirty work, as are the whole class of politicians, media and medical profession. They are even blackmailing parents into inject. Australia has reversed to being a deadly Penal Colony.

  12. Clive Palmer let the cat out of the bag….Gladys and the Australian state governments are getting massive KICKBACKS from BIG PHARMA to push the vaccination program. Gladys is under investigation by ICAC at this moment.

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