George Galloway on the ‘The Killing of Tony Blair’ with Max Keiser

laatste update: 08-2022

George Galloway talks about the upcoming documentary film ‘The Killing of Tony Blair’ with RT’s Max Keiser. Details of the film and how it can be crowd funded can be found at

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  1. I think in hindsight Iraq was a mistake, a big one. But I'm not a hypocrite, I was in favour at the time and Hussain was guilty of dreadful war crimes. But I believe Blair's motives were honest. Much as I like George I think Accusations of 'killing' are wrong, because if so then noone would ever dare stepin and fight these crimes, ass is the case presently in Syria where ethnic clansing gos on daily ignored by the UN

  2. Interesting that this interviewer (American?) shows a lot of respect where in the uk the give him none and/or try to set him up in interviews, refreshing

  3. I`ll be making a donation. Tony Blair looks like he`s been possessed by a demon to me. We have to start somewhere with this exorcism.

  4. This is about a lot more than – "Hindsight & Honest Motives" – This is about an Illegal War that has resulted in 1 million deaths.
    Honest motives does not explain the Lies that were told to the British Public to Justify it.
    Lets Be Clear About One Thing – Tony Blair being the elected Prime Minister of Great Britain – Does Not give him some unaccountable right – to decide Who Lives & Who Dies on this planet..!
    1 million people are now dead – to get rid of a Bad Guy…?

  5. Get off your soap box a minute and stop quoting popular misconceptions at me. Yes a million are dead, most at the hands of stoneage minded cowardly terrorists, mostly killing their own people including mostly women and children. Blair went into Iraq only PArtly due to WRONG evidence from the UK secret service, But mainly because of genocide in Iraq. I totally agreed, and still do with that, and while I dislike post PM Blair, he was (and still would be) ten times better than Cameron

  6. They are creating terrorism as their foil; more wealth for the military/ undustrrial complex, while at the same time reducing the rest of to serfdom through privatization and the police state.

  7. you gotta love george galloway non!? i mean while the rest of us were having this conversation he was on reality tv wearing a Fracking toupe…. i mean seriously, you gotta love george.. i heard that he was currently to be found dressed in a Starship Enterprise outfit orbiting the earth in a Russian satellite… seriously, you gotta love georgie boy, pudding for pie made his face and made me cry,…

  8. Check out his words at 6.55 on the now self-evident continuing global cancer of Saudi duplicity & perfidy,  which has been geopolitical truth since Roosevelt, King Saud and Churchill were pictured meeting in 1945…..immediately after the Allies post WW2 Conference to decide the carve up of Europe & the Middle East…..imagine having the leaders of the world's 2 biggest economies calling in to see you…at the same time!!!!!

  9. money grabbing fucker bought a new house with our contributions and i still have to pay again to watch a publicly funded film. well fuck you Georgy porgy

  10. There was a semblance of public service under MacMillan, Wilson, Heath etc – but now it's like the days of Pitt and the East Indian company – just out and out self-interest.

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