Geometry Dash SubZero’s Coin Update

RobTop saw my last video on Geometry Dash SubZero’s coin problem, and actually updated all of the game’s coins in response. Let’s talk about it!
Original coin problem vid:

🎨 Character art by Loafee!
🎨 Shrine background by NetBa!

🎵 Music:
March of the Spoons by Kevin MacLeod
Run! from Cave Story (Daisuke Amaya)
Watch Your Step from Crypt of the Necrodancer (Danny Baranowsky)
Stal from Minecraft (C418)
No More Mafia Boss from A Hat in Time (Pascal Michael Stiefel)
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Snowy from Undertale (Toby Fox)
Let’s Get Together Now! from OMORI (Pedro Silva)
sans. from Undertale (Toby Fox)


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If you’re reading this, did I… change the course of history? It’s too much to think about

30 gedachten over “Geometry Dash SubZero’s Coin Update”

  1. imagine robtop responding to this video with "disagree" and reverts it back

  2. Literally the upgrades on the coins BLEW MY MIND!!! Rub listened to you omg that was amazing!! 👏👏👏🤩😱

  3. Colon: ranting about the trash coins
    RobTop: Agreeed.
    The game: ima end my coins' whole career (of being trash)
    Colon now: OMG THE COINS WERE FIXED!!! (except the 3rd press start coin)

  4. spider bug on power trip is only for 2 missing spikes 2 MISSING SPIKES

  5. Choto translated GD colon, therefore, you are popular not only in English-speaking countries, but also in Russian-speaking countries. Cool video!👍

  6. Conin you are wrong in nock em they put a red dot to make it obvious

  7. Good Job Colon! I never knew how the coins in SubZero suddenly changed until I saw these videos. By the way, where is the 30 min ranting on Clutterfunk 3rd coin video?

  8. theres actually a way to skip the second half of the level in the wave part after the second coin. it takes a lot of tries but it works and the level ends at 77% because of the way the level is and it keeps going after you finish

  9. Watching this probably saved me from 100 more deaths trying to figure out how to get the coins after they changed lol.

  10. meltdown was released on my birthday when i was turning 3 or 4

  11. GD colon ur videos copying 3 youtubers
    please do smth

  12. ngl robtop like saw this and was like ahhh man it is time

  13. Personally I'd make it so that Power Trip's second coin kept the invisible part, but made it so that instead of getting launched into the coin, you'd fall into the rainbow which would make you fall into the coin, like what you suggested.

  14. Fun fact there's still another glitch to complete the level on power trip on the wave part pay attention to the smiley face 😈

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