Gaming COULD Skyrocket #ICP’s Price ๐Ÿš€

The go-to podcast about NFTs and crypto on the Internet Computer โ€“ DFINITY Pill

Dominic Williams, the CEO and Chief Scientist of DFINITY makes the bold prediction that major games are coming to ICP in the next 12 months

In this episode we talk about:
โ€“ Gaming updates on ICP
โ€“ BTC Ordinals marketplace on ICP

Join Alex while he goes over the hottest topics!

Dfinity Pill:

Mentioned in this video:
Eimolad โ€“
Dominic williams interview โ€“
Dragginz โ€“
Hot or Not โ€“
Funded App โ€“
Querio App โ€“
ID Geek (Internet Identity marketplace) โ€“
Boom DAO โ€“
Bioniq Marketplace โ€“
Seers App โ€“
Boxxed Animals MFT โ€“
Cherries NFT by ludo โ€“

Trade ICP NFTs:


0:00 Intro
0:13 Eimolad
0:42 Dominic Williams Interview
1:01 Dragginz taking over SNS1
1:52 Hot or Not SNS launch
2:21 Funded NFT Launch on ETH
2:34 Querio Funded Round
3:15 ID Geek
3:48 Boom DAO
4:20 Bioniq BTC Marketplace Updates
5:21 Seers APP Funding round
6:01 Boxxed Animals NFT
7:39 Cherries NFT by ludo

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  1. You deserve 1M subscribers. Thanks for the informative video of the ICP ecosystem. Keep it up.

  2. Top cryptos from extensive in-depth long-term research:

    #1 Quant – Ledger that controls all
    #2 ICP – advanced tech to evolve the internet
    #3 XDC – trades

    Always buy tech & not price

    Nervos Network – halving in November
    (underrated bridge project)

    Oasis Network – chinas #1 coin here soon
    & a few others

    For fun:
    Dogelon – yet to pop & it will. Has a roadmap coming

  3. Nice I love icp got 2000 in the nns want to buy another 13,000

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