Future of Gaming (Tron TRX, Ethereum, Enjin, EOS)

In this episode of Blockchain Future, we examine gaming’s evolution and the role blockchain plays in redefining what it means to be a gamer.

Games like Crypto Kitties, Ethermon, Decentraland, and Gods Unchained are turning gamers into owners of their gaming assets and victories.

Layah Heilpern is your host as we envision the Blockchain Future of Gaming.

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Blockchain Future of Gaming with Layah Heilpern

21 gedachten over “Future of Gaming (Tron TRX, Ethereum, Enjin, EOS)”

  1. The gaming multiverse sounds a lot like Leemon from Hedera Hashgraph's shared worlds 🙂

  2. If you’re gonna mention Vechain you gotta at least give 8 Hours Foundation and Ehrts a shout-out! Best thing happening in the space right now!

  3. Lol, non can compete with 22series.com , a whole nother level
    Utilising smart NFT's on Pc, Steam, Xbox and Playstation

  4. Hi a question. Is it possible to stake cardano ada with the trezor model T if I connect it with exodus ? Should be right ?

  5. Hello i traying to make a exhange from my USDT to BITCOIN but no way . so wy?

  6. Simple if one of those crypto enter in mobile legend, dota 2 or any hottest games outthere 100% the price of it will be going to the moon

  7. Could you please cover Ethverse ($ETHV) its a Gaming Crypto, a virtual world built on minecraft machine and available as a grand theft auto V server. With NFT and business NFT market place. Market cap is only $7.4m, it has insane potential!!

  8. Simple if one of those crypto enter in League of Legends or Call of Duty Mobile, the actual price will go up to the Skies

  9. Do you offer on Exodus wallet staking for TRX, ENJ and EOS?
    I can't find any list there on the website explaining/listing clearly what cryptos are available for staking. It would certainly help out if the team does something about that.

  10. Awesome info thank you! Is there a video that explains blockchain as it relates to each different coin? I guess my question is, does each coin & game operate on its own blockchain tech? And the value comes from the digital security of that tech? Sorry for the beginner questions 😖

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