The full unedited Coffeezilla space in the 365 twitter space where multiple guest came up and we discussed Safemoon in all its glory. Enjoy

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  1. Here is my opinion… John knows he was caught stealing the money… and he knows that the only way he can get away with stealing the money is if the token actually launches…so now he's actually trying very very hard to make it work…at first it was just about stealing the money…but now that the story is out…i.e. ginger…papa… coffee… John knows he has no choice but to try and get the token and turn it into something to be able to get away with the theft

  2. Thx for uploading! How do I catch these spaces live? I only follow you on twitter. Do i need to start following coffeezilla or smt?

  3. Driving 3 hours to South Beach Miami 🌴 perfect time to listen to this. 😁

  4. I want to see coffeezilla pick a topic that is less talk about. Oh I forgot 😅 he needs to eat.

  5. This is not genuine, I now believe that this is done for more views and as more views get you paid by google. What is being said here will not change Safemoon. It doesn't matter, John is staying the course. And let chief Fudders keep fudding. These are people who have never ran or innovate anything. John is running a mega project and he is doing wonderful.

  6. safemoon claims to have 90+ employees. lets just say he has to pay them a minimum wage 30K per person that is 2.7 million in salary expense not counting executives pay and bonuses. So to say John is scammer is not exactly justified. I am just using the minimal salary too.

  7. CC, I spent some time to fully listen to this. I have a comment that can be viewed as another analogy to help describe what happened and what should have happened. Doxx mentioned the money being "not in your account, it's not your money, it's the exchanges". With this being looked at, safemoon is then a bank operating within the exchange. That pool of money, safemoon has access to. If they were selling off tokens to build funds, then what they should have done, was to continue operating like a bank and apply those funds to the token LP as a view for all the holders, give the holders a little more equity, and entice the holders to buy more merchandise or fund raise in the community. This would have helped discourage any negative thing John was going to do because it's more visual. If you're going to be the bank, be the bank, not the thief

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Safemoon won the Law Suit,…Waiting for your next video with anticipation hahaha

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