FTM : Why Fantom Crypto is Crashing | FTM Price Prediction

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Title : FTM : Why Fantom Crypto is Crashing | FTM Price Prediction


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2 gedachten over “FTM : Why Fantom Crypto is Crashing | FTM Price Prediction”

  1. Ftm was once my best performing crypto in my portfolio… Now it's one of my worst. Actually, not anymore. I sold it all. I don't think ftm is going to survive this bear market. 97% of the projects out there now won't be around for the next bull run. A few I think are safe bets are btc of course, and ETH, Ada, dot… This when we find out which projects are the real deal and which one's aren't.

  2. Great time to buy and hold FTM, definitely 50$ to 80$ token next bull run. Just look at it’s project is huge

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