From Activist To Billionaire: Max Keiser

Documentary about the iconic financial anarchist Max Keiser. From being a Wallstreet trader to fighting against them, exposing banks and their hidden business practices and literally getting into fights with them.

-Contents of the video:

0:00 -Intro
0:50 -Prologue
2:12 -Chapter 1: Corrupt Stock Brokers
3:33 -Chapter 2: Making Millions
6:44 -Chapter 3: Financial Warfare
11:35 -Chapter 4: Bitcoin

This is the story of Max Keiser.

This short documentary contains 4 of the most iconic chapters of his life. From Wallstreet to the Hollywood stock exchange, Karmabanque and how to wage financial war against even the largest corporations on earth, his time at Russia Today with the Keiser report and his insane contribution to the Bitcoin world.

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  1. Bro.. excellent work dudee…..keep up the great work……superbly researched😊

  2. You didn't mention his "Max Coin" that he sold to his viewers….and went to Zero⤵💣

  3. you deserve way more subs, the most interesting content ive ever seen

  4. I like this channel how come you guys have so few subs

  5. I have to admit, I definitely would like to know more about this and how I can get my family, friends and neighbors out of poverty by not stealing from someone else that will certainly damage them or hurt them into poverty.

    I really appreciate his views on helping under developed nations, kudos to him. My family who is not in a first world country would definitely need this. I'm tired of "grinding" a honest living while others get to waste what would be a blessing to me or anyone who is poor or feels like 💩

    Would appreciate any assistance in researching this from anyone. Probably too late to take advantage of it for myself and my wife but maybe if I start now my kids won't have to suffer the life I had. As a parent and a poor one I only want them to succeed in life (just like any other parent). To contribute more than just being a cog I'm the machine of life until we die and just repeat the cycle by tossing our children at it and then they do it. I call it the shampoo method.


  6. I've been a big fan of keiser for a long time now and been on the HSX before I knew he made it… and I'm surprised it hasn't taken off or been reintroduced as a crypto platform. 🤔 anyways, cool video! I wish you would have maybe included more clips at the end that tracked his response to the FUD throughout the many BTC price retractions in which he never once waivered in his HODL or showed any doubt that BTC will be the answer to inevitable USD capitulation and endgame MOAB that will put an end to global bankster corprotacracy currently in effect! but ya, he must have had some good clippable responses over the years…

  7. Sounds like he is trying to imitate Alex Jones, but not very well

  8. Cryptocurrency is just the latest Ponzi scheme and pump and dump platform. Its adherents are either market manipulators, or victims, or unwitting cogs in a malicious machine. Its methods are all well-worn financial tricks cloaked in even more esoteric lingo than traditional financial instruments.

  9. I'm new to this channel! I love how you bring the content to simplicity and show a different perspective and understanding of the topic. Thank you!

  10. A friend showed me the carbanak video and I had to watch the rest of your work. Extremely well done 👍 great job! You deserve more subscribers

  11. would it be possible to get the episodes of the keiser report you used in this film?

  12. I'm new to your channel and I'm really amazed, you have great content you deserve 2M subs and more, keep it up

  13. You're so accurate with your vidoes🔥 keep it up 🔥

  14. Amazing content. Deserve 2m+ subs. Don't understand how some other garbage content channels have milions subs instead of you. This world is f.ked. Keep grinding. 💪

  15. We have a Keiser in my own Country, his name is Barrister Sumon 😄

  16. Please continue these financial documentaries, its fun and educating. Do more of it and even evil rich people

  17. Your Channel is next level, i think its the best "documentary" type of channel on youtube… sooner or later you are gonna get your 1 million subs its just a matter of time and consistency

  18. very well put together chap…just tweeting it at Max…let's see if he sees it..most likely as he's constantly bombarded on twitter

  19. I've been binging this channel's content and it's really good. However this video in particular unlocked a memory I haven't accessed in YEARS: Hollywood Stock Exchange. That brings back memories. I remember wanting / trying to stay on top of it but I sucked lol

  20. great video, but just some advice for your channel overall. dont dumb down your scripts or videos, you dont gotta do that.

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