Forza Horizon 5 – Speed Trap: “Estadio” – B Class – FORD PRE-1990

[00:00]- Speed Trap: “Estadio” – B Class – FORD PRE-1990
Target: 140 MPH

Car: Ford Mustang Boss 302
Tune: Best B Class
Class: B Class
Share Code: 158 543 571
Creator: DaniilRX

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5 gedachten over “Forza Horizon 5 – Speed Trap: “Estadio” – B Class – FORD PRE-1990”

  1. Even if it wasn't the Mosler, still kinda nice to use the same car for all 3 "main map" PR stunts this Season.

  2. it would help if you showed the map location you fast travel to.

  3. Cheers yet again mate, did it 2nd try following your guide 👍👍👍

  4. Feels like they nerfed this route. When you hit the fence after going cross country you lose 10+ miles per hour

    What worked for me was still exiting at that tree but verging left faster and merging onto the road earlier.

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