Former Chiefs’ WR Gehrig Dieter unexpectedly RETIRES! Orlando’s Agent SPEAKS and more news

Your daily Chiefs news featuring Gehrig Dieter Retiring, Orlando Brown’s agent speaks with Chiefs, and MORE news!
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0:00 – Chiefs O-Line seen at Wrestling Event
2:37 – Tyreek Hill KC Camp Vids
3:24 – Gehrig Dieter RETIRES
6:55 – Chiefs Work to Win Ep. 2
7:25 – Orlando’s Agent expect deal to HAPPEN
10:57 – 7 teams best set up for FUTURE
12:56 – Answering YOUR comments

🗞 Articles For Reference 🗞
Former Chiefs Wide Receiver Gehrig Dieter retires from football

Chiefs WR Gehrig Dieter announces retirement from Football

Interview with Orlando Brown Jr’s agent, Michael Portner

The 7 teams best set up for the FUTURE entering the 2022 season


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29 gedachten over “Former Chiefs’ WR Gehrig Dieter unexpectedly RETIRES! Orlando’s Agent SPEAKS and more news”

  1. Hello Cole “Freakin” DeRuse. Love the channel, keep up the outstanding work! Life long Chiefs fan here, from New Jersey. I will be attending my 1st EVER home game at Arrowhead this season, Thursday night game against Justin Herbutt. SO EXCITED! But I wanted to ask u about any good recommendations for BBQ…Kansas City fam feel free to comment also. I know it’s way out in September, but I wanted to hit u up now bc by September you’ll have waaaay too many sub to comment. Thanx in advance ❤️💛 #hbtc

  2. That steak was SMALL. He needs to go to Texas Roadhouse for a real steak. 30oz. Top Sirloin, the only way to go!

  3. Cole. You said you can't replace a guy like Travis Kelce….. I wonder if you said the same thing when Tony G went to Atlanta🤷‍♂️. Much love Cole keep up the hard work

  4. If Orlando Brown isn't careful, he could be working at Bommarito's Taco Shop at the beginning of the season!

  5. Let Orlando play on the tag. Still alot too prove he is our future LT. He will play, $16 million is a good wage for one year then do an extension. What is the rush

  6. Goodbye & all the best for Dieter. He seemed like a good guy, who brought out the “bro” side of Patrick — which was always hilarious! — and handled his position on the team with grace & charm 😘

  7. So, I watched the short video you made that was your first. I was surprised that you didn't have the persona you now use. Made me realize that must have evolved in some way. Just wondering if you know when and why and maybe how that came about. I think it perfectly fits your humor.

    BTW, if you want something else that is a reason for Chiefs fans to have a chip on their shoulders, see both Tom Grossi's breakdown of the AFC West and the NFL look at every team's schedule. Both kind of surprised me.

  8. I didn’t care much for dieter as he was not a starter but I’m glad he was made his money and slight contribution wish him the best, with that being said I’m good with him giving up the cleats to open up an opportunity for another WR in the practice squad.

  9. Don't know if anyone else noticed but on Work To Win Episode 2 at the 16:27 mark(not on this video), Andy and Cole have the same hand movements, then that reminded me of the guy that commented awhile ago about how he liked how Cole touches his finger tips together… kinda weird I know, but I thought it was pretty interesting… Big Red is channeling his inner Cole.

  10. Captain Red Beard, I don't remember which one of your videos you were talking about Walton buying the Broncos. If you would care to look up
    Stan Kroenke, I understand his wife helped him out when he was starting his real estate company. You should really look up her information, yep she's a Walton, Rob Walton's sister.

  11. Cole, You are my bearded "go to" guy for Chiefs news. Please never stop for it would create a hole in my evening routine. Us "old" guys hate change…

  12. Ps: Cole, did you catch the jokey back-and-forth btwn Patrick and Orlando (re: his tennis training) on their respective Twitter feeds? 🤔 Iiiiinteresting

  13. If the whole "Chiefs news" thing doesn't work out, I'd happily stay around for the beard grooming tutorials! Love your channel brother!!!

  14. Aye! Thanks for the shoutout! I just watched yesterdays video this morning on my way to work. Love the Chanel. 🙂

  15. My advice to the KC Chiefs is to get busy to find a new starting LT as this deal with Brown is highly likely to fizzle out over greed.

  16. I really hope EB gets a head coaching job somewhere else so he doesn't take over for Reid when he's done.

  17. Hey Cole, always great content, just FYI the owner of AEW is the same owner of the Jagwirez (Jaguars)

  18. All of y’all are sleeping on backyard burger, it’s been almost 20 years and I still think about them.

  19. New sub (within the last 2 weeks) and man I gotta say Cole, you are by far my favorite place to go to watch videos about my beloved CHIEEEEFS!!
    I'm glad I found your channel

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