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Good news: Congratulations to the users who participated in liquidity mining around the world for breaking the 10 million mark. for
In order to encourage miners to start their own businesses during the epidemic. The company is currently carrying out the following related activities.
①Register you will get 888USDT experience coins, ②How to get 888USDT and deposit more than 100USDT 2. Invite more than 15 friends to register and get valid USDT deposit. The investment income is as high as 6%~20%

Company website:
Official link:
Telegram official customer service:
Corporate Law White Paper:

Basic Account Income Details
1. The basic account has 5-50,000 TRX, and 5% interest is withdrawn every day.
2. The basic account has 500,000-300,000 TRX, and the daily interest is 6%.
3. The basic account has 300,001-500,000 TRX, and the daily interest rate is 7%.
4. The basic account has 500,001-1,000,000 TRX, and 8% interest is withdrawn every day.
5. Basic account 1,000,001-5,555,555 TRX, 20% interest is withdrawn daily.

Promotional Account Earnings Details
VIP investment form: total investment USDT
VIP1: 600USDT to 2000USDT, cycle 15 days, yield 2.3%.
VIP2: 5000USDT to 200000USDT, cycle 30 days, yield 4.5%.
VIP3: 100USDT to 100000USDT, cycle 70 days, yield 16.8%.
VIP4: 500USDT to 100000USDT, cycle 90 days, yield 20%.

VIP investment form: total investment TRX
VIP1: 5000TRX to 200000TRX, cycle 15 days, yield 2.5%.
VIP2: 1000TRX to 500000TRX, cycle 60 days, yield 10.8%.
VIP3: 2000TRX to 1000000TRX, cycle 90 days, yield 13.9%.

This platform provides three earning schemes, and you can easily earn USDT every day.
1. Basic account: The basic wallet needs to be recharged with 10 USDT to activate and withdraw. Get 3% mining revenue and up to 20% daily withdrawals upon activation. Withdraw daily and earn lifetime income.

2. Promote account: Promote wallet cycle settlement: Enter the investment page and invest in fixed-term projects. When the fixed-term project investment expires, the principal + income will be directly obtained, with a maximum income of 20%.
15 days: profit 2.3% ————- 30 days: profit 4.5%
60 days: profit 10.8% ———— 90 days: profit 20%

3 Recommend recharge to get rich rewards:
Rewards for recommending new users: 5% for first-level users, 3% for second-level users, and 1% for third-level users.
You invite user A to deposit 1000USDT and get 50USDT
A invites B and B to recharge and invest 1000USDT to get 30USDT
B invites C, deposit 1000USDT to get 10USDT.
If you don’t have a USDT wallet, you can install the Binance wallet, link: m

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