Folk Finance, Pears, Algorand, Channel News and an Italian AMP Token Theory

laatste update: 08-2022

In this fresh episode of Unusual Due Diligence, we timecode the specific story beats you’re interested in. Here they are. What story beats? In today’s fresh episode I cover an upcoming interview with Milkshake and the magazine CMD, cautionary warning to coinbase holders of algorand, the health benefits of pears, and a theory involving AMP Token’s fundamental mission statement and how that aligns with Folk Finance.

0:00 Intro
0:05 Interview with CMD
0:45 How YOU can get your channel or project covered
1:46 What channel is this?
2:00 Algorand Governance Period 4
2:15 Specific warning to Coinbase Algorand holders
2:40 Folk Finance by way of Pears
4:45 Amp Token Theory Opening
5:33 Video recap

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CryptoMagazine.Digital (CMD):
Health Benefits of Pears:
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Topics: #UnDD, #cryptomagazinedigital, #algorand

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