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  1. It’s already dead token go look at volt inu it’s great project

  2. Thanks bud your spot on I recon 😊 there are heaps of other coins out there I’ll be tuning in to your vids this year your doing an amazing job 👍🏽👍🏽 doing my own research and I’ll diversify my portfolio….I’m loving the fact that my experience so far with crypto is limited but I’m watching this bear run happening in front of my eyes and I don’t even care that my $Floki tokens have lost value🤣🤣🤣 you have literally been my teacher and your honesty is awesome so thank you for that and have the best new year 🎉

  3. Lost 6k in floki. They are just scammer. They block if u ask any reasonable question. They are shady. No team on front row.

  4. 100% if it doesn't go away it can pump.

    I've told you before I consider my money in Floki gone so I've left it in. If it ever gets close to 3b market cap again you better beleive I'm cashing it out.

    Rule of thumb. If you've made enough that you screen shot your wallet its probably time to take some profits.

    Honestly I gave up about 400k in 2021 not taking profits, but I took screen shots. 🤣 I look at them from time to time to remember to keep my emotions out of it.

    You put out some good stuff in 22.
    🍻 to 2023 and continued success.

  5. my 600 turned into 8000 too but i didnt take profit i was thinking i would end up at 10,000 lol… stupid mistake. but i live and learn.. However, a lot of people DO invest with emotion, and Floki is a community driven token… in a bull market, there is definately potential, which is why i'm not seelling.

  6. Binance has confirmed that there is a partnership between Binance Pay x Floki. It was confirmed by Diana from Binance on the AMA they hosted with Floki.

  7. the fundamentals have grown leaps regardless of price. im holding on to my coins and sure it will surpass 5bil during the next bull. floki isnt going anywhere. they are in this for the long run. the reason i say this is because i am strictly comparing what they are doing with valhalla to axie. p2e is huge and there is a bridge between gaming and crypto. the motivation is earning while playing.

  8. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your no BS and no hype content. I have suffered great losses buying into crypto when hype hit and have learned how easy it is to let reasoning be controlled by emotions. Your content has guided me into keeping myself in check and I wanted to thank you for that.

    I also wanted to say that despite everything that's happened with Floki this past year, I agree with you that it has potential to make money. Maybe not top 10, 50, or 100, but I do think it has everything it needs to survive the bear market and flourish in the bull run at least.

  9. That opening line has me laughing…i remember your floki enthusiasm and how you was one of the first to expose them and "show me 1 brick" 1 day later they showed 3 bricks!!! And the school started….did they finish the school lmaoo haha

  10. You are a little bit salty not selling the top. If Floki survives bitcoin bottom, it will be the best potencial meme coin in bullmarket.

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