8 gedachten over “Floki Inu – * IMPORTANT MESSAGE *”

  1. Look the partnerships that make Floki as a „memecoin“ sth that serious project maybe dont do in such quick time. You cant predict the future. The guys who work hard gets paid.

  2. U did not understand wht floki inu stand for.. There are tremendoud development going on with Floki right now.

  3. You speak facts mate 💯 you’re not speaking FUD at all, these Floki fan boys do my nut in. Unfortunately I fell into the slow rug pull trap. I first found out about Floki on “Investing made simple” YouTube channel who talks sense about crypto (mostly Bitcoin and ethereum) then Thomas Garatz, I enjoyed watching his Floki updates.. now he’s gone but I think he’s innocent in this too. The young lad who runs the Floki youtube channel now I think is deluded. Hopefully I can get to break even again so I can cash the f*** out! 🤣

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