FlexaNetwork Amp Token versus Solana Pay. Amp vs Sol with a guitar and cookies.

In this fresh episode of Unusual Due Diligence, we have Milkshake strap on the guitar and jam out a comparison of FlexaNetwork’s Amp Token to Solana Pay.

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Topics: #UnDD, #sol,#solana,#amp,#amptoken

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Now, I didn’t expect to do toy parodies and reviews at the same time as unusual due diligence, and yet here we are. You can help me help you reach the moon. #CommissionsEarned and you can support the channel by buying the featured toy in this video.




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13 gedachten over “FlexaNetwork Amp Token versus Solana Pay. Amp vs Sol with a guitar and cookies.”

  1. First first first, my thirst for dd is quenched! Milkshake readddddy!

  2. You definitely keep my interest peaked! Thank you for such in depth research!

  3. Thank you for doing this video. I really don't give much thought to Solana Pay as Solana network has had too many "unintended stoppages" over the last 6 months.

    Also, look at my channel. Wanted to send you my video but couldn't find your socials easily.

  4. Starting going through your videos yesterday. Great work man! Very impressive in both the research, writing, and overall production. #timefortheamp

  5. shopify just adopted solonapay 😵. good, yes, but it shoulda been AMP!

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