Flexa Network Amp Token peeking at the 25 Days of Flexa (#25DaysOfFlexa)

In this fresh episode of Unusual Due Diligence, we amp it up. Are you an AMP Token investor looking for a launch to the moon? Is this the first time you’ve heard of something called #25DaysOfFlexa? Flexa Network is bringing not just one cryptocurrency to the vast network of merchants already connected in with their technology. Dear viewer, they are doing far more than that. Dive in with your host Poseidon as he takes you into the deep. Hungry for more? Consider joining other viewers and contributing your part to help keep this place, well, unusual!

Topics: #UnDD, #25DaysOfFlexa, #amptoken

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5 gedachten over “Flexa Network Amp Token peeking at the 25 Days of Flexa (#25DaysOfFlexa)”

  1. I was around before the internet, before cell phones, before cable tv. But I was here for gen 1 transformers, voltron, migthy orbots, Street Hawk, Air Wolf, Blue Thunder, knight rider, GI-Joe, A-Team. If I build a time machine I am going back to those times.

  2. wow! I didnt know any of this about Amp……
    UnDD you are making our ground floor view crystal clear!

  3. Ankr may be running under the name Exponential Digital a mining company in Athens GA. YingYang Fang and possibly US Farms and Mining… God of the Sea find us the truth.

  4. Hey there is a rumor that AMP and Amazon are working on something. Possibly for next month. We need UnDD on this case. 🙂

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