Finally Good News For US Citizens In Crypto!

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27 gedachten over “Finally Good News For US Citizens In Crypto!”

  1. What do you mean it is on a 60%. Think you were trying to say 60 degree, based on your hand signals. But, it depends what scale your y axis is on. What type of statement is that and then you say you have been studying these charts. Fascinating!

  2. They are scared and stupid. I'm not sure what will happen when morons are running things.

  3. Have you guys thought about putting links in the description for the articles you cover? Would love to read more about a few that you highlighted. Cheers!

  4. no hike now I think, it would probably push more banks into crashing

  5. So the bankers received deposits, mainly from Billionaires and Millionaires. They then purchased treasuries at a given interest rate. When they raise the interest rates for the American population, they decide that they are not making enough since those earlier treasuries were at a lower interest rates. They play a media game that they are broken. Then the government bails out the depositors, after the banks already bailed in. LMFAO

  6. Many thanks Toby and Heidi for your consistent &upto date crypto news.always great short and sweet 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃憣content

  7. Binanxe has launched "space ID" WTF and a few other scams recently.
    Am I the only one who thinks these sound like acts of desperation?

  8. Fractional reserve banking is OK if the fraction is 99/100

  9. The only channel where i click LIKE before i listen to the actual Clips 馃槄

  10. Personally I don't think that there is a plan to crush crypto. It is just about hedging crypto into a security regulation frame work which is actually beneficial and part of the maturation process of crypto as an asset class. The recent increase of BTC is very nice and triggers other cryptos to follow. Time will show how long that trend will last. I think it is very important to be able to transfer crypto into $,Pound, Euros etc. Because these are real currencies I actually can count on to do my day to day business. I am in the US and I don't have any problems getting $ into crypto and back via big platforms.

  11. Hi Toby, great video as always! Could you do a video showing and explaining the graphs and the TA on the trajectory you mentioned? Interested to see this so we can visually see what you are analysing.

  12. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly. 锕漃roverb

  13. I appreciate you guys showing all sides and not just pumping an agenda of your own.

  14. Remember the banking cartel are angling to make the CBDC the solution for the failing financial system. Be careful, who the heck knows what will happen after that…

  15. So both Silvergate and Signature had 24/7 proprietary tech network systems to facilitate crypto businesses. Both get shut down a week before the 24/7 FedNow system goes live. So with FedNow can all banks now facilitate crypto businesses?

  16. Ballers. I shilled your channel in our NFA Discord last week. People like you, they really like you. LFG.

  17. This guy is a crypto moron, JPM is the strongest bank on the planet! the forker failed to mention JPM's $5 trillion of ASSETS!

  18. I still say Mr Surfer is a bitcoin maximalist even though he trades the ALT coins for now only to swap them into bitcoin. Who cares about the american government over crypto plenty of places taking up bitcoin as a payment solution to run alongside this so called central bank currency. With the amount of take-ups on bitcoin no need to off-ramp it into fiat currency.

  19. Pitty they never worked on getting rid of them american accents even though they give up citizenship they have america writen all over them with that speak.

  20. 馃槀馃槀馃槀 鈥eep listening to these people crypto gurus and keep donating to crypto. Did you know the fed already rolled out cbdc? How about operation 鈥渃hoke point? Stop listening to these fools and start protecting yourself by doing research and staying up to date鈥ont t listen to these idiots鈥

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