Fantom overview- Why the Fantom crypto could rival Ethereum in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

In this Fantom overview video, we explore the Fantom cryptocurrency- explaining their vision, the technology which makes their smart contract platform unique and discuss the overall price potential of $ftm as it relates to competitors like Ethereum and Neo. #fantom #cryptocurrency #altcoin

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30 gedachten over “Fantom overview- Why the Fantom crypto could rival Ethereum in 2022”

  1. Fantom foundation ($ftm).

    The world first dag with smart contract and proof of staking (15% ROI with 70% total tokens supply locked for staking)

    1. Main net launching in Q3.

    2. Partnerships with Binance Chain for cross chain multi asset management .

    3. Upcoming Partnerships with Dubai governments for smart city implementation.

  2. Community Question: What would it take for Fantom to become a "top 25" cryptocurrency by market capitalization? In your opinion, is this possible?

  3. I think, if you take IOTA as example (good one) than its more than 20x, because look at the IOTA marketcap at the bulltrend *), and this is just the beginning of crypto! Fantom easy 10 dollars next bull run! And also you take the Marketcap of Ethereum in this (bear) trend; take the Marketcap of the last bullrun *)

  4. its 66.1% btc dominance and still ftm its holding like a raid boss. Imagine when the bull run happens u wont be able to buy under 600-700 satoshis ever. stock up now while u can , its ur last opportunity to make money in the future. Remember when ADA came , 24B invested like np in bullrun, fantom only needs 1.8B and it will happen later for sure, i bet the next bull run will go even higher with trillions, this coin have potential to go 2-3$ easly. Its now your chance to be a millionare. Dont miss it mark my words!

  5. bro can you confirm if the Binance thing has actually taken place yet? FTM seems to be holding up despite zero media hype coming from them ; )

  6. well now in 2020 is .0045 less than a penny. So I am bullish I thing is going even more down like .0002 but at may go rocket fuel up. mainnet is alive but what really going pump up is when they launch synthetix competition. exchange and come alive fusd,

  7. Can it be copied, otherwise there will be no value, if it cannot be copied, it will be very valuable

  8. Warning fantom algorithm is a direct rip-off Hbar which is patented, as soon as they announce the lawsuit bye bye profits, hope you get out at top, good luck.

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