” Fantom is Dead ” 💀 Miles Deutscher is right about FTM

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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30 gedachten over “” Fantom is Dead ” 💀 Miles Deutscher is right about FTM”

  1. do you think its weird that michael saylor only wears one kind of shirt all the time 😉

    love your videos. just as soon as i get that $5k, ill gladly start paying you. im grateful for the little nuggets we get for free. most people charge for just that. and you could. but you dont.

  2. How many times have I said if it’s not native swaps like thorchain all bridges are useless. Any protocols using bridges stay away ASAP

  3. I'll wait for it to drop another 80% before buying more, looks like the price hasn't taken much of a fall so far

  4. Too much bad news all coming at same time. Whales accumulate. Too much good news comes. Whales distribute.

    How interesting, that News always helps Whales/Promoters in making profits.

  5. I don’t get it.. Why is spookyswap rallying now? Maybe you are right… should we buy now?
    Ftm still has awsome tech and to me it seems like the only question wether ftm will survive or not is: Is the treasury of the foundation still intact or not? If yes: There will be new bridge solutions in the future. And new liquidity will come. But thanks for the warning! I was lucky to quit my liquidity pools, due to your first warning, about the multichainbridge a view months ago 🙏

  6. Alpha generation from shorting alts is just mind-blowing. Your content never disappoints man!!!!

  7. Lol, you've been posting the same thing for weeks now, we see this from YouTubers trying to short crypto by posting bs videos. You're like a broken record

  8. Miles Deutscher is never right. Could this be his first time?

  9. You are shamefully misquoting Miles! He posed the question as to whether FM could recover. He did not take a position on it. Miles still rates it as a potentially great project.
    The speaker seems to have some personal animosity against FM or its founders.

  10. your an idiot calling it dead . im just being honest . its far from dead . most chains have had hacks at some point . And you forget Andre is there , he will bring it back !

  11. Miles Deutscher is a cryptobanter slave and he just rambles around whatever comes to his mind.

  12. Where can i short altcoins using bitcoin. Like a coin margin perpetual futures.

  13. $75 subscriber is wildly high…it is so high that even this video is discredited

  14. Ftm may have rebound next year after the ending. The ending being no more new supply or staking rewards.

  15. This is crypto don't trust anything. dead coins can be most profitable. 💯📈🚀💯

  16. can you do an update on fantom? please and thank you

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