Fantom Is Dead πŸ’€ – FTM Crypto Analysis

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30 gedachten over “Fantom Is Dead πŸ’€ – FTM Crypto Analysis”

  1. Brilliant video thanks Gerhard! Would love to see what chains you're most bullish on and what are performing well in the bear market?

  2. The voice volume is low. Nice analysis. Thanks for the video!

  3. Thanks Gerhard for the analysis. There has been quite a few notable rugs/exploits on this chain. Like you said, could be interesting again when notable devs feigning disillusionment with human nature return. Hope your excellent commentary continues.

  4. Ok you make some good points but now in the bear market it's kinda normal that defi is dead on chains.
    Fantom still has a good TVL/mcap value compared to many other blokchains especially higher ranked ones….

    I wouldn't say that Fantom is dead but most defi(on all chains) is dead…

  5. Great video! Fantom is back at the price I first jumped in.. steady stacking!

  6. Its dead, L3 is the next play … ZKrollups. Thank me later

  7. Gerhard, could you do a review of loopring? It is close to max supply making it deflationary. It would be great to get your prospective on the total picture and to see if you think the great tokenomics are worth an investment

  8. I bought 200€ some months ago it's lower.
    I could add 10€ max.

  9. Ftm is not dead these are the times you money is coming in again

  10. I got some fantom and quant. Will hodlπŸ’―πŸ’›πŸ’œ

  11. I think at some point Cronje will be back. He has already hinted he will be back in the space.

  12. If all your hopes are reliant on one particular talented but contentious developer being involved or not then you are already skating on very thin ice. There are a lot better options in this bear. Unless FTM can pull some news on the development activity front then its at the end of its road. (Which is sad as it has a lot of benefits over other chains eg sol xrp ada near).

  13. Thanks for the analysis, Gerhard. The funny thing about crypto is that it never truly dies. It could pump out of nowhere. Stranger things have happened. Speculators could run this token up just like they did (LUNC), aka, "Lunacy." Then, based on price action alone, the interest picks up, developers get to work, and a beneficial loop occurs. Fantom could be the token to rise from the ashes, but I would only hold it as a small speculative play.

  14. Fantom dropped the most because it also had one of the most epic rallies from march 2020 lows. This is Fantom's second bear market, it has operated very well during this whole period with nearly 100% uptime and little exploits. I would say Defi is dead in general right now, but obviously money will pour in again.

    A big developed for FTM will be FVM (Fantom virtual machine). It will allow great scalability. Last bull run we saw congestion issues due to EVM's limited speed. FVM will likely attract new users, investments & development.

  15. I just moved out of Fantom and Harmony. Both old and no real world value. The next bull will moon coins with value like Link Quant Cronos VeChain…

  16. I think you're wrong. They've made huge improvements to the blockchain and it's coin supply is fully out. Time will tell I guess

  17. You will be surprised when Fantom will enter top 10 within a year

  18. Gerhard – Thankyou. I've always considered you 'The real deal" my friend. So refreshing in this space! I really appreciate your mind, accent, communication skills, personality, thoughtfulness, calmness, detail, hard work, balance, and continuing to be true to your self-ness. You are an inspiration! Thank you – Gerhard

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