Fantom (FTM) Crypto – WATCH If you own Fantom or WANT to buy or sell in 2023 #fantom #ftm

Fantom FTM Cryptocurrency Layer 1 Blockchain has Great news and the Crypto community needs to hear this. 2022 was a great year for Fantom Crypto when it comes to growth. Fantom FTM crypto had more growth than Binance BNB and all other Blockchains. When you compare Binance to Fantom Crypto, FTM wins in the growth department. Both BNB and FTM Crypto Blockchains are a Layer 1 and it would be hard to pick the Best Layer 1 Blockchain to buy in 2023, Fantom or Binance, Either Blockchain can be called a Ethereum killer, but both had a good year and the Crypto price for ETH, BNB and FTM will catch up in the next Bull run. Compare FTM vs ETH or BNB vs FTM or ETH vs BNB to get the FTM crypto news you need to figure out if Fantom crypto is a good investment for 2023. Fantom has NFT projects, DeFi projects and ever Metaverse projects. Crypto Bellwether is not for Financial Advice. #fantom #binance #ethereum

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  1. Thanks for your insight on FTM. What do you think about The Graph GRT

  2. Trash, it was already rug pulled. Its just a knockoff HBAR, smh.

  3. Fantom is a copy of Hedera. Fantom is built on thin ice, especially if Andre gets bored again…very high risk.

  4. I’ve been checking out your videos lately.. I appreciate your channel. You seem very intelligent and knowledgeable about investing. I have to ask this tho because I haven’t heard you speak on this topic. Do you ever worry about selling your bags for profit and not being able to get back in through some bogus governmental ban or scare in the name of national security? My bags aren’t huge but I’m doing what I can.

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