Fantom FTM +250%: What is happening and why???

Crypto coin Fantom (FTM) did a great rally of 250%+ profit in the last couple of weeks, much outperforming Bitcoin and the crypto market overall. The price explosion held some great trading opportunities for scalpers, daytraders, and swingtraders, and the high volatility may continue in the future. Why did Fantom increase that much in price though and what might be price targets in the coming weeks and months? In this video, we analyze some recent news from Andre Cronje, Director of the Fantom Foundation, and map the news to the price reactions in the chart. Moreover, we will perform a technical analysis on the FTM chart, deriving price targets, support and resistance levels, and potential trading strategies. Lastly, we will have a look at which crypto exchanges you can trade Fantom Perpetuals, and which exchange yields the best trading costs to do so. Please note that nothing stated in this video should be regarded as financial advice!

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Chapters of this video:

00:00 Introduction
01:15 FTM chart – what happened?
02:34 Fantom News – Reserves
05:16 Fantom News – Funding Program
07:13 Technical Analysis
10:42 Where to trade FTM?

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Fantom is a blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps and enterprise solutions. From a user perspective, it differentiates through its fast transaction & extremely low transaction costs, oftentimes a fraction of a cent. Fantom had its high at around $3.50 in Oct 2021 and with the start of the bear market, went down to like slightly below 20c. However, from the low in November last year at around 17 cents, it went straight north in the last couple of weeks. Fantom increased by 250% and more, while Bitcoin is only sitting at a profit of like 50%, so Fantom significantly outperformed Bitcoin in that timeframe.

In order to understand the recent price action, we need to know a little more about the historic events at Fantom and the Fantom Foundation. One important person here in Andre Cronje, who is now the Director of the Fantom Foundation. He published a couple of Medium articles in the last couple of weeks, which can explain some, if not a majority of the price action. To see all the content he published, please see the video or visit the Link to his Medium page as shown above.

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