Fantom Crypto: The Crash, Rebirth, and Future Prospects of FTM

Join me as I delve into the rebirth of Fantom Crypto, one of the top gainers among layer -1 networks in 2023!

In March 2022, when the economy was facing high inflation and fear of a global recession, the main architect of Fantom, Andre Cronje, announced his departure from the project and the crypto space.

This led to a 17.5% crash in the FTM token price, and a 90% drop in TVL over the next three months.

However, Andre Cronje’s return and big plans for 2023 have turned things around. We’ll go over some of the positive developments that have fueled Fantom’s rise, including the financial records released by the foundation, the integration with Axelar Network, the release of a new version of fUSD, and the upcoming gas monetization and subsidies.

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