Exposing Cathie Wood’s $8 Trillion Lie!

Exposing Cathie Wood’s $8 TRILLION Lie!


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Cathie Wood is at it again because it seems like only three things are certain in life: taxes, death, and Cathie Wood making bold bets and lying to investors. Cathie Wood and her Ark Invest team have released another research report in which they share their 2027 projections for Tesla. Tesla’s stock is Ark’s biggest holding with a weight of 10%, and the Tesla report includes a bull, bear and base case price target. And similarly to our approach in our recent video on Ark’s price target for the stock of Zoom Communications, we are going to expose the outright naivety, amateurism and willingness to scam people into believing in her forecasts of Cathie Wood.

If Ark Invest superstar Cathie Wood is known for anything, it’s her bullishness on the stocks that Wood favors the most. And I guess there is no stock Cathie Wood is more bullish on than Tesla. And recently Ark Invest updated their Tesla forecasts and came up with a price target of $2,500 per share in the Tesla bull case, $1,400 per share in the Tesla bear case and $2,000 per share in the Tesla base case.

So let’s start with the bull case. Ark Invest models “a 25% probability that Tesla could be worth $2,500 per share or more in 2027.” which would equal a market capitalization of $7,939 according to Ark Invest, or around 25% of the market value of all S&P 500 companies combined which stands at 34 trillion. For context, as of May 2nd, Tesla’s stock has a market capitalization of $512 billion and trades at $162 per share.

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  1. Rate my Oscar-winning performance in the intro. Should I switch careers?

  2. They do say 25% chance…. So 75% it goes to zero due to mineral sourcing problems and protests against virgin rainforest deforestation in Indonesia and Brazil.

  3. The most sad thing is that so many are still following her absurd predictions ….how brainless must you be to believe in her words???

    What is robotaxi supposed to mean for the number of auto circulating? If,and it is a BIG if, it would actually turn into reality, it may mean a fraction of people won't own a car which likely will mean less demand for cars rather than increase. And in any case the overall figures of taxi plus auto business are not going to skyrocket because of this…

  4. i just wonder what would all synthetic models calculate if neither rene or cathie is right. Assuming tesla being only one company in white world that can profitably produce not even 5000 in a bear case is low however there will more and more people backing idea of non covid similarities may occur. people needs to understand there is no other choice out of yellow ev`s other than tesla anymore. it however doesnt mean they can win against yellow producers. nevertheless evaluating businesses is rene`s apple so potentially short term he is right but the bottom line is well unknown. having example of microsoft u can well state its a future anyhow.

  5. Your comparison with Uber is incorrect as they have to pay for the driver and that is the largest expense. So their only cost would be the car maintenance and electricity, hence why margin wold be high. I agrees with the rest of your presentation however but you have factored nothing in for their power storage unit which is accelerating and will continue to do so, nothing for the margin increase when they convert their factories to using robots going forward.

  6. I used to work in the car industry (sales&marketing) and I would like to add that the global new car market is around 55-60 Mio. cars per year. And only a fraction of those are electric. To assume that Tesla would sell 20 Mio. cars/year (so a market share of around 35%) within the next 4 years is just ridiculous. Electric cars are a complete niche product from a global perspective and they will be for at least another decade.
    In addition, Tesla stock is already massively overpriced at this point. It's trading at a level where one must assume that they have a global market share of pretty much 100%. Just look at Toyota and VW who both sell around 10 Mio. new vehicles a year (5x what Tesla sells) and post solid profits. Their market cap is 186B and 68B, vs. Tesla's 637B right now. You would have to be completely delusional to own Tesla stock at this point in time…

  7. Sad to see an old woman play stupid young men games just for the sake of existing.
    If this is what "equal opportunities" mean in the mind of fintech folks, then I want none of it.

    Ps: Elon Musk is equally retarded, but the media just doesn't want to call him out because they are too busy racking views from his outrageously ridiculous claims and lies.

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