Experts reveal when the world will no longer need to mine for EV batteries

Experts reveal when the world will no longer need to mine for EV batteries

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30 gedachten over “Experts reveal when the world will no longer need to mine for EV batteries”

  1. By 2060 😆… "I'm going to wonder if man's… gonna be alive"? By 2060 they will perfected all those new fusion and molten salt perpetual motion generators. There won't be any batteries wind turbines or solar power

  2. Hello Sam. There is a massive misinformation campaign going on in the US. Every day there are several articles claiming that the EV revolution is over. They claim EV's don't work, they are too expensive, they are not good for the environment, they claim EV sales are dropping off a cliff, nobody wants them, dealerships hate them, etc. Just today there was a story about how Toyota got it right by shunning EV's and sticking with their current strategy. Toyota still believes EV's are just a fad and that people would rather have one of their hybrids or ICE cars. The EV revolution is facing immense opposition from various special interests, but I believe they will ultimately fail to stop the EV revolution.

  3. I don't think it's appropriate to compare EV sales in China to a Northern European country where the batteries don't last or function properly yet. Personally, I would not buy an EV if I lived in a frigid climate, at least until the tech improves.

  4. So here's the thing: Civilization ceases to exist without mining. It is 100% essential to the functioning of civilization, inlcuding the past and the future. Can we do a better job of mining – yes of course we can. As @stevehayward1854 pointed out below, steel is mined at a rate 20,000 times that of lithium. You think there aren't consequences generated by steel mining? There are always better ways to handle damaging processes and it's no different for lithium or steel or cobalt or anything. Mining is here to stay, but we need to examine how it's done at every level and make changes. Those changes are already in the pipeline for lithium mining. Plus, advances in battery tech may very well make lithium obsolete as a battery chemistry in 10-20 years.

  5. Are we really going to not need more batteries? I foresee enormous battery plants for storing energy during the day from solar collectors. I don't see how we ever stop needing more batteries.

  6. A reason that China will get to full-replacement recycling is that China's population is projected to decline by 220 million between now and 2060, more than 15%. The US population is projected to increase by 40 million, almost 12%.

  7. recycling EV batteries gives you an "ore" that is much more refined than getting it out of the ground. As EVs reach end of life their battery components will be made into new batteries again.

  8. Yes, and third world countries will have EV charge points, like modern world countries have charge point access fixed now. Mmmmmmm. Dream on.

  9. LOL, is there anything on planet earth self sufficient, NO

  10. Recycling of current EV batteries isn't economically sustainable. Tax payer subsidies of battery materials are currently required. Raw newly mined battery minerals shipped from overseas are currently cheaper than reused materials recovered from current battery recycling.

    That raw battery materials are cheaper is the same reason most plastics go to landfills, why failed solar panels and wind generators also go to landfills. We bury the spent "renewables" in holes in the ground using fossil fuel powered earthmoving equipment – its reverse mining.

    The recovery rate of lithium is not efficient, some of the lithium can not be reused with current methods. New mined lithium would be required.

    Recyling the chemistry in battery is like unfrying an egg.

    The lead-acid batteries from the 1860 to today common batteries is 100 percent recyclable because heating the lead plates will efficiently separate the lead, but that's not the case with the complex chemistry of EV batteries. Once the acid is neutralized, the lead can be melted on a kitchen stove top, but EV battery recycling requires new acid in a multi-step process that produces toxic waste. Plus, the 1,000+ pound EV batteries have high shipping costs so that local EV battery processing is more practical.

    Sam gets an 'F' in Economics, for the same reason that electric vehicles failed a century ago. We would have been already using EVs except for economics.

  11. WRONG! If the main use of mined lithium was for car batteries then I would agree. However as EV & battery tech matures truck and heavy industry use will eclipse car use, and house storage will be significant as well. But also grid storage for green energy generation and peaker plant replacement will be more than all of the above!

  12. Musk's right hand man JB Straubal left Tesla some years back to start Redwood, now US biggest battery recycler. they just built a new US$3.5b plant. great to see

  13. My son is a scientist. One of his many qualifications is a Masters in chemical engineering and he is active in the field. He laughed his head off when I sent him a link to this video. He said this Viking dude is just babbling nonsense. Yes, you can recycle lithium (and other materials) but it is quite expensive and energy intensive. The initial lithium recycle process produces a product that is of reasonable quality with just a few percent reduction in energy density and battery life. So it would be fine for example, an electric fork lift, or a small EV city runabout. But try a second recycle and the results are not commercially viable. The aggressive “big oil” people will be replaced by equally aggressive “big lithium” people.

  14. We humans will always need to mine. Trucks, Airplanes, Spaceships etc

  15. counter point – we recycle lead acid batteries ( Typically around 130 million lead batteries are recycled in the US annually, and the 99% recycling rate makes them the most recycled consumer product.) , however ,Lead is very much mined today . Current World production of lead is around 4.5 million tonnes. Don't mean to disagree with you Viking, but we may always need raw materials as the ICE age ends.

  16. We are NEVER be able to stop mining. We are about to produce Billions of Humanoid robots. Billions. Granted most of that mining will be in space and will involve ripping astrroids and moons down using replicator bots. Probably bush bots and mictobots/nano machines.

  17. A few decades!!!!!! Dude you will be 100 something yrs old thats a long time

  18. Good video. Will it be completely closed loop? Probably never but it will become very small. Also probably will be done off planet at some point

  19. New lithium deposits found in Nevada USA, and phosphate in Norway are both sustainable with the near future reduction of cobalt. We will not need China for anything soon.

  20. Of course ingredients for grid batteries will continue to be extracted (unless molten salt or other tech can be ramped up) for decades as long as China and India and other countries use energy at a similar rate per capita as I do!

  21. Based on what was said I predict IQ will go below 85 before the decade is over…

  22. No element is 100% recycled. Mining isn’t disappearing.

  23. If you want to understand the science behind solid state batteries, you should read and listen to Dr. Don Sadoway of MIT. He is an engineer who is looking for practical solutions for storing electricity on a very large scale. He and his team have spent years researching and building SS Batteries for large scale storage. He explains why this is a good solution for storing large quantities of energy in the grid. In short, SS batteries are made from inexpensive and readily available materials. He does not advocate for the use of these as EV batteries.

  24. Tbf, there may be a need for "top up" mining, here and there, for many, many years, even if battery materials are fully recycled.
    I guess experts can run the numbers on global saturation of the all use battery market, and then have a historic recycled market that eventually satisfies demand for materials. But that surely can't include as yet unknown new uses.
    Anyway, it's still very good news.

  25. I always wonder why nearly every EV podcaster feels the need to put a finger on the scale. They constantly substitute promoting for reporting. Not every EV article they cite is accurate. In fact, most are written by EV enthusiasts who are really just gushing over the technology. Do guys like Mr. EV here really think they do the world a favor when they only cherry pick to support news that is in support of their own EV mantra. There are some very good EV ideas emerging. As an engineer, I find the technology to be very interesting. But there are still some very big problems which need to be solved before EVs will ever become a major slice of the global vehicle market which is now about 1,400 million cars in size. To date, EV have sold less than 40 million cars and trucks in total into this market despite enormous subsidies being provided in nearly ever major car market in the world. EV now have only a 3% global market share. The top three selling vehicles in Australia last year were all ICE trucks! I am not an EV hater. In fact, I hope they have good success because diversifying the energy sources used in transportation will diminish the power of some very despicable players such as Iran, Russia, Venezuela and even Saudi Arabia. But those who dwell in denial should move to Egypt so that real engineers can sort through the cacophony of noise to sort separate truth from fantasy.

  26. Hard to believe how they can keep using the same materials over and over again and still have the same performance.

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