Exclusive Interview with Max Keiser About Global Economy, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin

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In this video, Max Keiser, a famous broadcaster, financial journalist, and filmmaker, tells us why he thinks Bitcoin, gold, and silver are the safe haven and calls altcoins exit scams. Are you intrigued? Don’t miss this piece!

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9 gedachten over “Exclusive Interview with Max Keiser About Global Economy, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin”

  1. Some key points:
    00:34 – Why Max Keiser started promoting Bitcoin when it was trading at just $1
    01:24 – $400,000 per one Bitcoin. Isn’t that too high?
    02:43 – What we should expect from the world economy
    03:44 – Gold and silver. Are they safe havens?
    04:37 – Does crypto mining cause ecological damage?
    05:52 – Does Max Keiser invest in altcoins?
    06:57 – Is Ethereum an exit scam? O_o
    07:27 – What companies in the crypto space does Max Keiser respect the most?
    08:26 – The most interesting interview he has ever had 😉
    08:45 – How much will one Bitcoin cost at the end of 2020?

  2. I like Max and Bitcoin but saying that Ethereum is an exit scam is just hateful lies because he didn't buy any. What do you think Max is gonna do at $100k? You think hes going to hold to $400k? I doubt it. Hes going to get out of BTC while he tells the rest of you to not "worry about price" and "keep stacking sats". BTC is a Ponzi game, just like gold. People at the top dump on the people on the bottom, has no real value other than memes and because people say its money. Ethereum will be proof of stake with a giant network effect, people will be rewarded for holding their ETH and staking it thus stabilizing the price. People will dump BTC making it the "exit scam".

  3. I love humans !…..when they give value to inanimate things.

  4. 😂🤣😅 Why not just say BTC will be worth $1M….or $1B. This is preposterous. If bitcoin were going to appreciate, it should have gone up along with gold or exceeded gold in the last year. Gold went up almost 35% BTC went up 23.5% …..so in other words….invest in gold…..not BTC.

  5. You can’t cheat an honest man. I note the bookcase behind the salesman contains not one textbook, specifically none on math, science, or economics.

  6. I subbed bc Max said you were the most interesting interview and bc you are super cute!

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