Everything You Need to Know About the HTC 10 Event

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HTC held an event on the 12th to launch their new flagship phone. HTC has had a bit of a rough patch with their phones starting with the M9 not being received terribly well and the A9 getting dangerously close to looking like an iPhone, if we’re honest. Thankfully though, they seemed to have course corrected and gone back to what makes HTC phones HTC phones with the HTC 10.

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12 gedachten over “Everything You Need to Know About the HTC 10 Event”

  1. i have a nexus 6 and i am really happy with it but (and i cant believe im saying this) the HTC10 really caught my attention, is it worth the upgrade ? or should i wait another year before upgrading

  2. awsome phone only downside the screen is to small for my likeing

  3. Nice video unlocker,, any other bigger version like 10+ ? With bigger display? Thanks

  4. I still have the Htc M8 do you think I should upgrade or wait

  5. Wow. You are so entertaining. At least your informative and professional-like

  6. your negative about the phone and u didn't even hold the phone yet

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