Everyone Needs to Stop Getting TRIGGERED

The triggered epidemic has gotten out of control and I need to vent

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30 gedachten over “Everyone Needs to Stop Getting TRIGGERED”

  1. Before Ethan got introduced to crack and cocaine, it's sad to see what he became

  2. this makes me so sad seeing this he needs to see this today, its crazy that he used to think like this and talk with so much energy

  3. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  4. As weird and controversial this may sound, I still would help men like this be MEN and help them get back on their feet because whatever happened to Ethan is devastating as hell. It's sad man, dude was a legend back then, look at what he built, but he chose to sell out, coward out because he was about to get canceled, and now sucked into the left with the rest of the zombies.

  5. this is happened because he is jewish. He makes money his god

  6. In 2016 I had big crisis in my life. H3H3 were one of guiding lights at that moment. Seeing his relationship with Hila, honesty, courage and humor helped me to discern what's important for me personally. I reconnected with my wife, went to therapy, started taking antidepressants, changed a job. It all helped to overcome hardest years of my life, even pandemic felt like a breeze after it. Now I'm avoiding seeing his current iteration, not to spoil good memories about him; and this video in particular. So much dissonance. Funny how some things in life can change that drastically. Great lesson to be truthful and honest at least with yourself, as much as possible – and what could happen if you stop.

  7. What a joke. This fascist hypocrite is now cancelling everyone for saying words for any reason while defending himself on the basis on quotes or context.

  8. hahahahahhaahah. This is the Ethan i used to watch. Who are you bro?

  9. This is Ethan’s best video ever. I feel like they need to get this vibe back

  10. Ah yes, this was before Ethan started taking estrogen and having periods.

  11. Anti-depressants melt your mind and soul. The current Ethan is dead and evil.

  12. It’s amazing how off the rails he’s become. Dude literally sold his soul

  13. Lol this didn't age well for Ethan and his new podcast. Oof. Haha shouldve stuck to your goofs man. I miss the good old days of h3h3. Before all the polarization and politics. Bro we wanted beanies, and fupa, and goofs, and gaffs, and vaype naysh, and you jumped off the bridge bro. Come back ethan, do comedy pull the cord on that podcast.

  14. Ethan REALLY needs to go back and watch his old videos. Something might click and hopefully realize how hypocritical and stupid his takes are now.

  15. As much as I dislike the NRA, Ethan did suggest bombing a meeting in which members were attending. Whether a tongue-in-cheek comment or not, I'd hardly say he was being politically impartial there.

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