In this video I discuss my trading strategy on shorter timeframes for both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Even though the market is bearish on shorter timeframes, I’ll show you the price entry points that I’m setting up as part of my strategy for entering a Long position.

The Tools I Use.

TradingView is Free however I have a pro account. It gives you some extra features that I like.

Market Cypher (this is a trading indicator I use for day trading however it’s great for any type of trading. It is a little pricey but well worth it. It’s made me smarter with any type of trading, not just crypto)

Daytrading / Short timeframe training with Market Cypher

3Commas is a trading bot platform. It offers tools to it’s users that can automate the process of setting trads up on several popular exchanges such as Bybit, Binance, Coinbase and more. I really like the SmartTrade feature. It allows you to setup a trading strategy and it will execute that for you automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

Bybit Margin Trading Platform

If you are in the US you will have to join with an email address and use a VPN. Set the VPN location to Germany when you sign up and login to bybit for the first time.