ERC20 tokens – Simply Explained

laatste update: 06-2022

Not all cryptocurrencies have their own blockchains. Instead they run on top of other platforms like ERC20 tokens run on top of Ethereum. This video explains what these tokens are and why ERC20 was created.

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30 gedachten over “ERC20 tokens – Simply Explained”

  1. Can we get an updated version of this? Now with Solana, Binance chain, etc .. the token game has gone insane

  2. Can you do more crypto videos

    Explain more!

    Market cap, low cap coins, volume, DCA method, etc.

    You have room for soo much content

  3. Can anyone help me? Can a real blockchain crypto coin, be "registered" as temporarily as a ERC20 Etherium coin? Thats what Zeniq is claiming

  4. that bit at the end is amusing; instead of using eth for gas, they tried to use something else? doesn't sound like a flaw for erc-20, but a flaw in someone's thinking process lol

  5. It's so much easier when you just explain how it actually works with interface instead of all these analogies people keep using.

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