Endgame Lesson From Capa | Kan vs Capablanca | Moscow 1936.

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Ilia Abramovich Kan vs Jose Raul Capablanca
Moscow (1936), Moscow URS, rd 10, May-27
Vienna Game: Anderssen Defense (C25)

1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Bc5 3. Nf3 d6 4. Na4 Bb6 5. Nb6 ab6 6. d4 ed4 7. Qd4 Qf6 8. Bg5 Qd4 9. Nd4 Bd7 10. Bc4 Ne7 11. O-O Ng6 12. a3 O-O 13. Rad1 Nc6 14. Nc6 bc6 15. Bd2 Ra4 16. Bd3 Ne5 17. Bc3 f6 18. f3 Re8 19. Rf2 Bc8 20. Bf1 Ba6 21. Ba6 Ra6 22. Be5 fe5 23. Rd3 b5 24. Rfd2 c5 25. Kf2 Ra4 26. Ke3 Kf7 27. Rd1 Ke6 28. Kd2 Rb8 29. Rc3 g5 30. h3 h5 31. Rh1 Rd4 32. Ke2 Rg8 33. Rd3 Ra4 34. Rhd1 g4 35. hg4 hg4 36. Ke3 Rh8 37. Rb3 Rh2 38. Rd2 Rd4 39. Re2 c6 40. Rc3 g3 41. Rd3 Rh1 42. f4 Rf1 43. f5 Kf6 44. c3 Rd3 45. Kd3 d5 46. b3 c4 47. bc4 bc4 48. Ke3 Ra1 49. Kf3 Ra3 50. Kg3 Rc3 51. Kh4 Rc1 52. g4 Rh1 53. Kg3 d4 54. Ra2 d3 55. Kg2 Re1 56. Kf2 Re4

Following the successes in international tournaments of Moscow (1925) and Moscow (1935), Nikolai Vasilyevich Krylenko again sought to stun the chess world and the Soviet Union with a third international event between Soviet masters and their foreign counterparts. This time, however, he conceived of a more rigorous format, with the ten players (five Soviets and five foreigners) in a double round robin competition. The lineup was impressive, with Capablanca and Lasker being invited back a third time to compete in Moscow, in addition to the previous year’s winners, Botvinnik and Flohr. The tournament was held in Moscow’s famous Hall of Columns from May 14 to June 8. Capablanca’s near flawless accuracy and superiority in the endgame proved to be instrumental in winning first prize by a full point over the future world champion Botvinnik. Lasker, who had always finished ahead of his successor to the crown in prior tournaments, started out strongly, but at 67 years of age he became fatigued more easily and his performance suffered during the second cycle. The tournament brought immense excitement and interest, both to the citizens of the Soviet Union and to the greater world at large. Capablanca’s first place was to be one of the last successes against the Soviet Chess School before the triumph of Robert James Fischer 36 years later. It was also the last hurrah for Krylenko, the founder and organizer of the tournament. He was arrested in January 1938, tried and executed later that year.

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30 gedachten over “Endgame Lesson From Capa | Kan vs Capablanca | Moscow 1936.”

  1. Lmao the whole game was eqaul, but Capa is too good in the Rooks endgame. The mark of strong endgamer

  2. Im with capablanka if you want to learn you have to take your defeat like a lesson and if you want some extra points you have to start learing from every move you make every step you take … and for some extrem points you can add i will be missing you.

  3. Howard Staunton and he is best known for refusing a match against Morphy.

  4. Jedno pitanje vi ste iz Hrvatske?
    Pozdrav iz Srbije najbolji Sahovski kanal YT-u!!

  5. Can you do the game where Capablanca announced and made a checkmate in 12 moves? Played in New york in 1907, opponent not named. How much was dependent on opponent bad choises (which Capa may of course have anticipated)

  6. Which book should i can take to learn all openings and defence bcoz i m good player but not enjoying that much without knowlegde
    So if u can help me it would be very happy for me
    Thank u
    And you are doing great job keep it up sir.

  7. I suppose it is Howard Staunton, but I'm not all the way sure. The game was obviously played brilliantly played by Capablance, although I have to admit, that I didn't understand too much of this game, this seems to be beyond my understanding of chess…

  8. Staunton was most famous for standarizing chess-pieces. I knew them as "Staunton-model" before I even knew it was a men's name.

  9. I don't understand the people who gives dislikes to your videos

  10. I wish I owned an original Jaques Staunton chess set. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.

  11. That's Coward Staunton most known for that one match he played with Morthy.
    What do you mean he was ill?

  12. Many thanks for the time and effort to produce these amazing chess commentaries. Always educational and entertaining. Keep up the great work

  13. I'm being agadmator with my guests: "Hello everyone, and welcome yet again to my place". When they look at the pictures I have: "Here we have a very interesting picture of me with my parents at the beach. The question is, who is the misterious woman sitting next to us. Best of luck to all of you". When I want them to leave: "There is nothing to do here".

  14. Fr he deserves a lot of credit for what he does, thanks agadmator!

  15. 3:56 Capablanca doesnt Castle just yet, the idea…. the idea is not to blunder a piece because of the Bishop con G5, if he Castle there is no piece defending the Knight on E7 :)-

  16. In Moscow 1936 , the Soviet players like Kan intentionally lost to Botvinnik to make him 1st but still Capablanca was tied for first with Botvinnik!!

  17. Is this any book from Capablanca and Carlsen how to play endgames?

  18. This game is a real masterpiece! Even though Capablanca made a couple of small errors this highly technical end game is a great one to study. Easily one of the best Capablanca end games I've seen and I'm almost done with the book "Capablanca's Best Chess Endings." Thanks for reviewing and covering some lines not in the book. Cheers!

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