Elon Reveals SBF’s $1B Dem Donations Before Collapse of FTX Crypto Exchange

Today, let’s talk about how Elon is calling out SBF about his democrat donations possibly being over $1B. Also let’s talk about Bitcoin news and look at some charts.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Market Overview
1:10 1B Donation
3:50 Alameda Special Treatment
6:00 House Appreciation
7:10 $6M Startup
8:20 Genesis $900m
9:35 Bitcoin Commodity
11:05 Strike App
11:50 Stripe Into Crypto
12:30 Bitcoin Halving
13:35 Bitcoin Holders
14:20 Avax Partnership
15:30 Q&A

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30 gedachten over “Elon Reveals SBF’s $1B Dem Donations Before Collapse of FTX Crypto Exchange”

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  2. Hi George!! I've been following you for a year+ now, my identity has been stolen and unfortunately my crypto accounts have been affected…to say the least …. i was wondering if you could help me with what to do about it in the community … it might be connected to the FTX BS…

  3. 😂😅 all time high for $hitcoin? 2024??? The eth merge just happened, Ripple might win their case soon. Btc doesn’t have the utility to pump that much, 2 trillion marketcap or whatever

  4. Democrats ripping off the crypto market through SBF is a valid assumption!

  5. The democrats are stealing money left, right and centre. Never imagined so much corruption, and unbelievably some still vote for these people!

  6. I wouldn't be surprised to hear more details about Circle and Coinbase soon. They are just as fraudulent as FTX.

  7. George, nobody is buying into anything except our high up government officials trying there best to get the American public to believe it was a accident with SBF. So he can walk free. Americans obviously believe anything and everything there told. Prime example, Hunters laptop. They don't want people to really know what FTX was about.

  8. you always chat crap about defikingdoms cous they don give u no sponsor

  9. Re: the contributions. He may know where the bodies are buried and is holding it over Dems head to protect him from law enforcement. It doesn't matter whether he knew or not. There are financial laws that require proactive measures and putting his signature on compliance documents. He can't weasel out of those by claiming ignorance.

  10. Both Republicans and Democrats are very lucky cause millions of poor US citizens have no education and are stupid, therefore unable to understand why the US Government hired SBF to steal from the US Citizens and the crypto market. The printing privilege is very well protected under the stupidity of the masses 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Errrm. He donated to Republicans too. The Republicans still havent given it back.

  12. "Apparently he thinks he's gonna go and raise capital after all this"

    George doesn't seem to know about Jewish nepotism.

  13. Elon has taken the responsibility of free speech 👏👏 Twitter will drown financially by next year for sure. Elon’s pump n dump won’t work anymore. Too many sues against him

  14. Mental incompetence is not a legal defence. Perhaps he shouldn't have been in the roles he had, but he was and he actively misappropriated user deposits.

  15. When i see that boy in real life I will get my money back or I will take his head.

  16. If $1 Billion when to Trump it would be front page news for 12 months straight and investigations and indictments would be flying around 24/7

    But since it’s the opposite WELP crickets 🦗

  17. The largest Money Laundering Ponzi scheme in American history and UKRAINE RUSSIA PROXY WAR IS THE CLOAK OVER THE EYES

  18. Funny how so many crypto people making an issue of the Democratic party donations but not concerned with the similar amount to the Republicans. Wealthy business people often give to both parties. You're simply buying influence. That's why they get tax loopholes and preferential treatment regardless of who's in office.

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