15 gedachten over “Elon Musk next move into BITCOIN Cash BCH prediction. Highly controversial. Not based on FACTS #BCH”

  1. Musk is a cryptocurrency destroyer. It's not even worth mentioning him in the future. Only if we stick together and ignore it will the market regain stability.

  2. Instead of buying BCH, Elon is currently working with DOGE devs to reduce the DOGE txn fee from 1 DOGE ($0.8). They might fork DOGE (like BCH from BTC)!

  3. Elon musk is nothing special I wanted to make an electric car when I was in school and colonise space 😂 his just fortunate that he had the money to do so. Just like Uber eats stole my idea I would be minted. The future is in crypto and I believe it will be worth 100grand a share for Bitcoin cash it’s a currency unlike Bitcoin which is just gold… common sense plus Elon musk will slate Bitcoin so the price goes down and he can buy more his already announced that’ his investing 1.5 billion in more crytpo he’s going to get it at a nice price now. Hold ur Bitcoin cash and keep buying !!

  4. interesting speculation!, … I think elon might come out with a green bitcoin plan for miners…something to make bitcoin more green as well…tesla batteries and solar, maybe even there own bitcoin miners ha ha. It is crazy how upset some of the BTC community are!, blaming elon for there loses etc.., when we are investing or trading ..we are responsible .. not someone else imo.!

  5. While I hope that Elon comes to BCH (or maybe he has already) I could really see Elon creating his own crypto currency. He wants his own brand of cars, his own rockets, his own internet and the list goes on. He’ll take all the intel he can from the developers of $DOGE and then go develop his own crypto, sucking $DOGE dry. His mining operation for his crypto will be solar powered using his Tesla solar panels. Just my thoughts on how it plays out. Keep up the great work for BCH!

  6. Have you consider sending your video to Tesla. I don't think Elon lurks around Youtube for crypto information.

  7. $CELR, celer network will be big. Many partners, hop in before the rocket takes off.

  8. bitcoin cash does seem risky too, looking back in august, there were candle wicks that dropped 48% in the hour. does that mean there are major major early holders that could pull any moment???

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