20 gedachten over “Elon Musk Buying Bitcoin Cash BCH right now? Why did BCH go UP 44% in 1 day? #BTC #BCH #BitcoinCash”

  1. Guys and gals we are all bless to be here may abundance, love and joy come for you all in this space lets enjoy this journey ,
    BCH to the 🌙

  2. It could be roger putting the first billion usd from ipo sales into bch as he said he would. Second billion goes to projects

    That's my best guess. More likely than Elon, imo. But if course i have no proof. Could also be both 🙂

  3. It's great when you have FU BCH that you can even tell people like Elon you'll seek other opportunities with a deadline. Not many investors have that type of fortitude.
    Could be someone like Microstrategy or Grayscale on the latest buying spree.

  4. Look at the news! Jeff bezos sold 2.5 billion dollars of amazon stock yesterday and says he plans to sell even more. Jeff bezos into BCH perhaps xD

  5. New investors on Robinhood are putting money where most dont. Look at ETC, I liked it at $53. But I never bought a crypto in my life. Went off name only. Then it went down to $28,I sold when it went to $39. Now it's $120+. Im guilty of chasing green arrows. Hope to do better with BTC

  6. Bitcoin cash very cool profit. !! Buy!! Target very high!!!

  7. What i do here is bitcoin mining and binary option trade, i manage account and trade for clients with my remote controlled software which enable you earn 100% on the return of your investment (ROI) capital which gives you ten times your capital as profit within 24 hours.

  8. I was about a third in BCH/ETC/LTC.

    As ETC has been exploding I've been slowly shifting into BCH and LTC.

  9. Btw If the crypto market hits $7T market cap which is very likely Nd BCH captures 9% of it like it did the last bull run that puts it at over $33k+ if it hits $5T market cap that puts it at $24k. $15k is very much possible $10k guaranteed in my opinion FACTS fact check me!!

  10. Greetings from brazil my friend, i had bought bch at 800 dollars a few weeks ago, and i wasnt right if i would HODL bch or another coin, but then i seen your videos and made me hold all my BCH , THANK TO U i got this 50% high

  11. It's more likely that it's just Roger Ver buying BCH than Elon Musk

  12. Nice one here, though I prefer trading with the help of a professional trader, I believe it saves me time and reduces the risk involved in managing my trades.

  13. Thank you so much 👆👆 for everything you have done in me and my family 👪 life we really appreciate 🙏 all your efforts sir 💚….

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