E837 – Beware of the short-term Crypto & Stock rally + my trades on TRU

Just like in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), politicians and institutions were quick to reassure investors that “everything was fine.” However, the structural issues that underpinned the market were problematic and became increasingly visible over time (MBS). In 2023, the FED’s attempt to combat inflation is causing banks to fail. As the markets follow the US’s lead, global banking contagion is growing. It’s easy to dismiss issues such as this in a sea of green, but that’s just market makers saying “everything is fine, nothing to see here.” It’s actually a call to put average investors and traders onto the wrong side of the trade and percentage. The time to be cautious is now. Prepared and not scared is our motto.

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Crypto is volatile,
please prepare yourself for the best and worst-case scenarios –
reality will likely be between them.

Stay safe out there.
Take care and see you next time
Bye for now

Disclaimer: Any information shared in this video is for educational purposes and is not to be considered as financial, trading, or investment advice. You must do your own research before making any decisions.

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30 gedachten over “E837 – Beware of the short-term Crypto & Stock rally + my trades on TRU”

  1. My learning from the last 24h (maybe 48h): Yes this is a time where we have to make decisions. But no one can tell us what is right for us. (Not even Ken, even if we wish he could!). And it's not about who we believe has the answers – although it is helpful to listen to external perspectives before making decisions. Whatever stage in your journey you are at, take what you have learned so far and make a tempered decision. Part of me wanted to stay all in and another part wanted to get all out. I decided to take profits off the table and cut some of the smaller losses. If the markets tank I'll have more dry powder to buy back and if the markets rally my positions with bigger losses will come closer to breaking even and I may cut them then… or not. In the late afternoon I sat in the garden and calmly enjoyed the first warming rays of spring sunlight. Whatever you do, aim to increase your inner and outer peace. You really can't go wrong with that approach I think.

  2. "nothing to see here" means the politicans, the big money et al. have already pulled their cash out and you should do the same 🙂 Such an optimist I know.

  3. To yesterdays commenter, I found my self in a similar situation some time ago.
    My choice, and it doesn’t have to be yours, was to slowly sell small percentages on strung green days. I was losing some money but I was ensuring I was losing it at the best times.
    I did this until I had released 50% of my locked up money as a trading fund. I kept only the projects I believed in most.
    Since that time I’ve made back my lost money by trading and following the ctks method.
    And I still have 50% of the long term investments I was holding.
    Had I continued to hodl, I’d been down much more on paper. However, what I truly like about the decision I made, is that by trading properly, I feel a much greater sense of control. Im not stressed out and powerless regarding ling term investment.

  4. Wonderful comment by Bruno that you read out today, Ken.
    Thank you Bruno! 🙏

  5. Isn’t the chart showing a 79% probability of only a 25bp rise on the 22nd March?

  6. Ken, you are a superstar! I am proud to be your student!

  7. Hi Ken, am I reading it wrong or is the probability actually high for a 25 basis point increase not 50 as you have stated on Twitter and YT? Please let me know 👍

  8. Hi Ken and the KS family. The explanation of your trade and cycling that trade twice over is a great example of focus in the current market. I like how Ken also explained his Gym habit and the audible pause at the right moment… a man of humour. Don't forget to smile in the day, we have knowledge and time to practise. Sync, go slow to go fast, scale in and scale out.🙏

  9. Hello family! I hope you are doing well! Minute 21:43 I think that physical used a little leverage haha. How I enjoy every video you upload Ken, and I watch every day. I'm doing the masterclass again and it's amazing all the information you give us! Thanks, as always!

  10. Silvergate, SVM and, now, Signature… it’s very simple. Just don’t deposit with a bank starting with “S” 🙂 Oh, and if someone has an “emergency meeting” and says there’s nothing to worry about; yeah, there probably is!

  11. Hi Ken, I'm curious on your read about the upcoming FED rate hikes. I though previously the expectations were of a 25 or 50bps hike, but since just a day ago, it's now expected to be no hike (21%) or 25bps (79%). Is this an incorrect reading? Thanks

  12. Have a great week KS family🦅🙏🏼☮💖🤗🦅
    Thanks again for preparing us for the volatility Ken🦅🦅and Kate🦅🙋🏼‍♂🦅

  13. 5% return and another 5% return on same investment is 10% total return? Thank you for your generous wisdom Ken and Kate

  14. The FDIC received at least one bid in its weekend auction for Silicon Valley Bank and should have taken it, said Senator Bill Hagerty, a Republican from Tennessee.

  15. Thanks, Ken and Kate! Great video as always. Thanks for sharing your trades today. Even though I went to cash in my trading account, I was looking for opportunities. I decided to wait for a redder day. I have a HODL bag off exchange that did well today. I'm very skeptical of the positivity in the markets today. I feel like a bunch of third grade children are in charge of things. When Biden comes out and says everything is hunky dory, I know the opposite is true. Because he's proven himself that way for fifty years. Ken, you asked if there is a systemic problem with financials, and the answer is an emphatic "YES!" I'm no expert on banking, but it seems that banks and the government have an incestual relationship. The government forces the banks to behave a certain way, which causes them to fail, and then the government bails them out and the whole process starts over again. The only people who get hurt are the taxpayers, investors, and those who will be hurt by inflation, maybe 98% of everyone. Thank God for the invention of Bitcoin. I really believe there will come a time when people finally realize that Bitcoin is the only feasible money system available. It can't be inflated. It can't be corrupted. If nothing else, it's good insurance against the current banking and federal reserve system. Sorry, sometimes I rant. Happy trading to everyone this week!

  16. There is definitely a systemic problem inside the core financial markets. Fed, in trying to aggressively rein in inflation, may have caused more harm to its own members, i.e. the banks and financial institutions, which are a fractal system of creating and lending fiat money.

    17.46% profit by recycling capital through multiple cycle trades shows there is no need to buy at the bottom and sell at the top (16.5%), woohoo 🎉

    You make a total of 10% if you get 5% on two trades of the same value.

    Thank you Ken and Kate. Like rule 732 these daily, incremental lessons will soon add up to mega results for many students ❤️

  17. Thank you Ken

    If you get a chance would you mind elaborating on why the Vix tends to spike at this time of year?

    D (D60-N20-U20) S30

  18. I think some financial professionals are having incredibly long work days now trying to put out systemic fires and save what ever is left… 🔥👩‍🚒 Thank you Ken for another great video and sharing your scaling strategy. Very inspiring 💗 Investing & reinvesting IS the melody of life !! 😍 How often isn't it the smallest investments that over time become the biggest & most memorable ones ? 💪💗 Happy Tuesday day KS Fam! 🌞🌸

  19. Thanks, Ken. The markets were a lot of fun yesterday! I'm slowly accumilating dry powder. U I U51 (D10-N30-U60) S60

  20. A: 10.25%

    Awesome video Ken. You're really in your element in these volatile markets.

    Amazing share Bruna. Kensho and Satori, cool concepts! Embrace the volatility of life!

    It can feel counter intuitive to be "cheering" on such big swings (especially big selloffs where you know widespread money loss is real), but it's possible to have both understanding that the underlying system is fundamentally flawed and broken and still have the knowledge to participate in the markets. Much like life / the world, we can be full citizens of reality even though it can be immensely challenging.

  21. Good morning,everyone!
    Hello,dear Ken.
    Could you help us with an perspective about betting on VIX? 
    And if it's positive how and where we can bet on VIX?

    Also,if someone else have any perspective on this ,please be freee to share your thoughts.
    Have a beautiful day everyone. ❤

  22. Thanks again Ken and Kate, bit unsure if bitcoin can keep pushing up for the next 24 hours …
    U| D35 D0N0U0 s15

  23. I’m so blessed to be part of this community, thanks Ken for your efforts ❤ Positive excellence mind 😊

  24. Hey KS FAM 👋 Happy to be here each and every day 🥳 Thank you again Ken & Kate! 🙏 U | D40 (D80 N15 U5) S80

  25. Thanks for the updates Ken! Nice triple snipe on TRU 😁What a rally that was. Blink and you miss.

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