30 gedachten over “Drawing NFT art in procreate”

  1. If you’re drawing NFT’s
    1. Stop it
    2. Get some help
    3. Take a shower
    4. Get a job

  2. I will recommend everyone to start investing on nfts because of its rapid increase in price feel free to dm me if you would love to own an Nft

  3. i didn’t know there was a maximum number of layers you could use in procreate ✋😭

  4. bro i only use like 20 layers at max how do you manage to use 41-

  5. You can also just copy that one base layer and move it 🥲🥹

  6. How to add shadow effect on every trait which will match up with different skins ???

  7. can I know what's the max layer in procreate for the canvas size of 1350×1080 and 1920×1080 in iPad 10.2 9th gen please

  8. Name of this program I drawing and how find it I want start make nft art on my I phone is this possible ??

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