Dragon Ball Final Remastered | Gravity Room or Time Chamber?

Hello, In this video I tried to compare the Gravity Chamber and the Time Chamber. This is completely my personal opinion on the GC and the HTC. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Please subscribe and join my discord server if you enjoyed the video. Thanks.

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  1. Hi guys ! Do you know if db final remastered will be on xbox ?

  2. @danbrochi idk if your friends on rblx with NotEvilPlays but if you are he scammed me in loomian legacy can you tell him to give me my stuff back

  3. HTC got a major buff now, I’m a super Saiyan level stronger than super Saiyan 2’s

  4. I use htc because this new uptadd called shadow training just out ur stat to 1 and then u will get alit of pl and good stats

  5. For gravity chamber how do you increase the gravity? Plus how do you get the weights

  6. For some reason the dummys don't spawn in the HTC for me? Does anyone know why

  7. a question can you in both GR and HTC get still power level after you've reached max lv?

  8. when is the HTC getting changed into god chamber and what exactly is the chamber for

  9. 2:55 i think "fighting" should not only just raise attack but also mainly raise stamina

  10. I wish the npcs had their own fighting styles , not charge at you like mindless robots , charge their attacks a bit longer so you can charge yours as well [ mayby beam clash one day ] and they definitly should make them block and dodge from time to time so its more entertaining.

  11. “But that’s because it will be replaced with a god chamber soon”

    9mo ago

    Side note to people of the future who come across this:

    The HTC limits you to 30 minutes per session. Meaning you only get 30 minutes of use out of the htc, while i’ve seen gc’s with 31 hour timers remaining

    There’s also no way to heal in the htc, so if you get low, you’re kinda screwed

  12. Gravity chamber before levels were removed is stats based, htc is a place to focus on 1 stat to train and its been like that for a long time.

  13. I have a question if someone looks at this comment, are the weights permanent?

  14. Bruh I need 2000 strength to enter the htc but I bought the gamepass

  15. what happens then the time runs out in the time chamber?

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