Dominic Williams – Ethereum + Internet Computer = World Computer | EDCON2023

Dominic Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist of Dfinity Foundation, talks about realizing the World Computer vision by combining Ethereum and Internet Computer at #EDCON2023! Dominic says Bitcoin appeared in 2009 and gave digital gold, Ethereum launched in 2015 and gave smart contracts, and the Internet Computer launched in 2021 and produced something we could think of as crypto cloud. He says the Internet Computer is a blockchain but uses a very different architecture and advanced math and cryptography. He explains what the World Computer can do, saying that one of the things we can do is trustless multi-chains (the Internet Computer can interact with other blockchains without bridges), and we could build absolutely anything on it, assign Web3 to DAOs and integrate Web2.

Dominic explains the objectives of the World Computer project and the Dfinity Foundation is to solve this fundamental problem where Web3 still primarily runs on centralized technologies that hackers, regulators, censorship, gatekeepers, and vested interests head. He says the World Computer will solve this problem by ending decentralization theater because the World Computer offers end-to-end decentralization. He also introduces the Internet Computer Protocol, which use crypto to combine special “node machine” devices run by independent parties, and these nodes are combined to create subnet blockchains, with these subnets replicating and running smart contracts, together forming a scalable and efficient virtual computer, a computer that can be interacted with from any browser that is controlled by an on-chain DAO. You can learn more about the Internet Computer and its capabilities via Dominic’s presentation at EDCON 2023!

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  1. Talk is cheap. Prove it on the ground. From 700 to 3 dollars 😅

  2. I was here with a big bag.
    Will come later to thank me.

  3. Williams u r the new Steve jobs 😀 Dfinity will change our world!

  4. When Ethereum and ICP come together something epic will happen. The whole world will wake up to this new technology.

  5. Icp Will finally make real dapps and efficiency possible in crypto, together with userfriendlyness and efficiency.

  6. I see big potential for ICP. There is more potential going up than going down. People will regret and FOMO in when ICP start moving😢

  7. It’s all good and dandy. Possible the biggest thing since Google but everything ICP wants and can do others are already doing without blockchain. We accept 99% security, we accept high cloud costs, we don’t ask to vote and web3 and owning your data is a luxury that very few people bother about. ICP is better than any blockchain but also six years too late.

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